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Empower the Game: Host a Referee Course in the Northern Region of TRU

In rugby, the role of referees is pivotal in ensuring safety, fair play and the overall integrity of the game. The DFW and North region of the TRU continues to face a shortage of referees, and we need your help to change that narrative. By hosting a referee course, you can play a crucial role in growing the referee base in the Northern region of TRU, fostering a stronger and more vibrant rugby community.

Discover additional details on hosting a USA Rugby Referee Course by visiting the Training & Education page, we’ve gone ahead and summarized below as well:

Requirements for Hosting a Referee Course:

  1. Venue: Identify a suitable venue that can accommodate both theoretical and practical components of the referee course. Whether it’s a local community center, sports facility, or rugby club, a welcoming and conducive environment is key to a successful course.
  2. Complete Course Request Form
  3. Promotion: Utilize various platforms to promote the course within the Northern region. Leverage social media, local rugby clubs, and community networks to reach potential participants. Emphasize the inclusive nature of the course, encouraging both aspiring referees and dual athletes who play and referee rugby.
  4. Dual Athletes Welcome: Recognize that many individuals enjoy both playing and refereeing rugby. Encourage athletes to consider the course as an opportunity to deepen their engagement with the sport, contributing both on and off the field.
  5. Financial Incentives: Highlight the financial incentives for referees. Remind potential participants that referees receive match fees, offering them an additional source of income while contributing to the growth of rugby in the Northern region.

By hosting a referee course, you’re not just facilitating the development of new referees – you’re actively shaping the future of rugby in your community. The impact of your efforts will resonate on the field, creating a positive and sustainable rugby environment.

Together, let’s empower the game and ensure that the Northern region of TRU thrives with a strong and dedicated referee base. If you’re ready to make a difference, consider hosting a referee course – the first step toward building a brighter future for rugby in our community.

Questions? Reach out to us at admin@texasrugbyunion.com.