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TRRA COG/AGM Summary @ Dallas Jesuit Prep 07/28/12

For those that weren’t able to attend the 2012 Conference on the Game or TRRA AGM, please review the below summary. Welcome by Jim Wolfinger and Traci Schmidtke ~20 participants Law Quiz Started with a 20 questions law quiz & review. Take a similar quiz at the IRB Laws website. Field Positioning and other Key …

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Referees Conference on the Game & TRRA Annual General Meeting (AGM) – July 28-29, 2012

Conference on the Game The 2012 Conference on the game is the single largest Referee event in several years and a very strong attendance is critical to our individual and collective success. We urge all referees in Texas to attend. All TRRA members (in good standing) are invited to attend, but need to RSVP (via TRU calendar) …

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IRB Law Changes – Summer 2012

Folks, There are some Law changes that just came out (and I am sure most have seen something about them). Below are some explanatory comments. Peter Watson Chair, USA Rugby Laws sub-committee 2012 IRB Law Changes May 2012 This week the IRB issued a number of small changes in Law. Implementation dates vary – some …

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TRRA Continuing Education #5 – Tackle, Ruck, Clear & Obvious Calls, Scrum Wheeling, Obstruction & Foul Play

TRRA Continuing Education for Referees Here is another video from the team of National Panel Referees for review. This video covers a wide spectrum but reiterates the management at the Tackle & Ruck. It also touches on the “clear and obvious” calls, Foul Play, Obstruction and Scrum Wheeling. Video: https://vimeo.com/38574917 Also, last week our post prompted some great …

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TRRA Continuing Education for Referees #4 – Management of Ruck, Tackle & Foul Play

Over the next few weeks we will be providing videos of what the National Panel referees are focusing on. While we aren’t all National Panel referees we can work hard to maintain the same standards. When Texas teams advance beyond our state we want them to be comfortable with the interpretation of the laws, not …

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TRRA Continuing Education for Referees #2 – Points from a Free Kick

Welcome to another edition of an example of a ref situation. This will be a weekly (or often) post that will cover interpretations of laws from TRRA examples. We will use the TRU Facebook Page as a way to discuss and unify our refereeing in Texas. This week we wanted to cover “Points from a Free Kick”. Red …

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