TRU COVID Match/Tournament RTP Process

Revised 2-26-2021

  1. Purpose & Scope:


    The purpose of this match/tournament RTP process is to allow Clubs that meet the criteria, agree to follow the COVID safety protocols, to schedule and play friendly 7s, 10s, or 15s matches with the support of the TRU and TRRA. These will not be league matches, and no Club should feel compelled to play.

    Although there are some state-specific differences, this policy applies to all TRU Clubs in all TRU states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas). Non-TRU clubs may also apply to play friendlies against TRU Clubs by following this process if: (1) they can show they are authorized to play full-contact rugby by their governing bodies; and (2) the TRU Club they play agree to be responsible for the non-TRU club’s compliance with the COVID safety protocols. Applications will be granted for play across state lines, if all criteria are met.

    Tournament organizers will be responsible for ensuring that all Clubs participating in the tournament have obtained approval to allow them to play, and will be responsible as host for complying with the home-team COVID safety protocols. The Tournament Director will be the CCO for the entire tournament.

    Fan attendance at matches is discouraged. If fan attendance is allowed, social distancing/mask wearing rules imposed by governmental authorities in the location where the match is played must be followed. The CCO should make every effort to prevent any spectators from interacting with players. It is recommended that any post-match socials be held outdoors. All post-match socials must comply with local restrictions.

    The TRU reserves the right to modify this process on reasonable notice or as required by USA Rugby or governmental authorities.

  2. Eligibility Criteria:


    Requests for multiple matches can be submitted in a single application. However, applications will be issued on a match-by-match basis. Before applying, the applying Club must:
    1. Have a Club COVID-19 Officer (“CCO”) Registered with the TRU. The CCO will be the point of contact within his/her Club, for the TRU, TRRA, and opposing Clubs for all COVID compliance matters. The CCO must successfully take the World Rugby COVID 19 – Return to Play Awareness for Administrators, and register here with the TRU. A certificate showing the CCO’s successful completion of the course must be provided to the TRU on request. The CCO must also be registered with his/her Club through USA Rugby, and be someone within your Club who is responsible and has the authority to enforce the COVID safety protocols.
    2. Have a Certified Level 200 Coach registered with the Club. The Coach must also successfully take the World Rugby COVID 19 – Return to Play Awareness for Coaches & Players, and present a certificate showing he/she has passed that course on request by the TRU.
    3. Have the Following Number of Players Full-Match (not Training Only) Registered with USA Rugby within 7 Days Before the Match:
      1. If playing 7s – 15 Registered Players;
      2. If playing 10s – 20 Registered Players; and
      3. If playing 15s – 25 Registered Players.

        Click here to Register with USA Rugby. Note, at its January 2021 meeting, the TRU Board reduced the TRU portion of annual dues to $25, making the total registration fee $60 for 2020-21 when full USAR senior player dues are included (plus a $2.15 handling fee).

    4. Complete, Sign and Return the TRU 2021  Agreement: This document memorializes each Club’s acknowledgement of their understanding of the Wavier rules and procedures, and that they will comply with them, subject to individual discipline and competitive sanctions and/or fines to the TRU Club for its non-compliance, or the noncompliance of a non-TRU Club against which it plays a friendly match.
  3. Application Process:


    Applications must be applied for and approved on a match-by-match basis. Clubs may begin submitting Applications on March 1, 2021, with the first matches to be played no earlier than March 13, 2021. APPLICATIONS MUST BE MADE 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE FIRST MATCH  REQUESTED.

    To apply, both Clubs participating in the match must first:

    1. Meet the Eligibility Requirements, above.
    2. Verify adult rugby can be played in the location the match will be held by sending a field reservation for the match date to admin@texasrugbyunion.com.
    3. Clicking here to complete the Application Form.

      Clubs may complete the Application before confirming any friendly matches, and use the TRU Match Add Form to apply for specific matches once confirmed. ONLY THE HOST CLUB should complete the Match Add Form.

  4. COVID-Related Approval Criteria:


    In order to be approved, the following COVID-related criteria must be met:
    1. All TRU States: No new governmental regulations limiting the ability to play have been adopted between the date of the Application and the date of the match.
    2. LA: If the match is to be played in Louisiana, no more than 150 people will attend the match.
    3. TX: If the match is to be played in Texas, or involves any team from Texas, the “GA-32 COVID % Capacity” for the location of the match, the home team and the away team must be under 15% for the 7 days prior to the date of the match. You can check the “GA-32 COVID % Capacity” in these locations by clicking on the Texas Combined Hospital Data over Time by Trauma Service Area (TSA).
    4. Any non-TRU club applying to play a TRU Club must provide written evidence that their local union or other rugby governing body has authorized the club to play full contact rugby.
  5. Match Week Procedures:


    In addition to the normal TRU Match Week Procedures, Clubs granted to play friendly matches must:
    1. Continue to meet the Eligibility Criteria through the date of each match;
    2. Continue to meet the COVID-Related Approval Criteria through the date of each match;
    3. Have each participant (player, coach, admin., trainer, etc.) in any match execute the Player Agreement & Liability Release RE: COVID-19, which the CCO will make available to the TRU on request.
    4. Have each participant (including all players, coaches, admins, trainers, etc.) must be included on the Club’s TRU 2021 Program Friendly Roster. The home Club is responsible for listing the referee crew on its roster and checking their temperatures. A Club may have players who are not CIPP’d with their Club on their rosters, but all players must be CIPP’d and the Club is responsible for listing all such players on its roster. If there is a COVID Exposure, the CCO must contact any borrowed players who may have been exposed.
    5. Have the CCO or his/her designee conduct temperature checks upon participant arrival at the pitch. It is recommended that a specific, identified checkin location be set up at each match. Each Club’s COO will provide a completed copy of his/her Club’s roster to the TRU on request.
    6. Follow all TRU Return to Play Guidelines for all matches and trainings.
    7. Any assigned referee may refuse to officiate a match at which the COVID safety protocols are, in the referee’s sole opinion, not being followed.
  6. Responsibilities in the Event of a Positive COVID Test, Exposure or Symptoms by a Participant:


    1. All participants are responsible for reporting a positive COVID test, exposure or symptoms (a “COVID Exposure”) to their CCO as soon as possible.
    2. The CCO will take all reasonable steps to keep the identity of the exposed person confidential.
    3. Upon receipt of a report of a COVID Exposure (either from a participant in his / her own Club, or from the CCO of the opposing Club), the CCO will:
      1. Immediately notify the TRU by sending an email to admin@texasrugbyunion.com, and attaching the completed roster from the match (of the COVID Exposure could have occurred at a match);
      2. Immediately notify the opposing Club’s CCO (if the COVID Exposure could have occurred at a match) ; and
      3. Immediately notify his/her Club’s administration and/or coaching staff that all participants in the rugby event at which the participant reporting the COVID Event was present must be notified of the COVID Exposure, and may not participate in any rugby activities for 10 days from the date of the match. EXCEPTIONS: Participants may resume participation in rugby activities before the expiration of 10 days from the date of the match: (i) with a post-match negative COVID test documented to the Club’s CCO; or (ii) evidence to the CCO of the Participant’s complete vaccination for COVID prior to the match.
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