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TRU Board Notes – 4/16/2018

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

    1. Roll Call
      1. Young
      2. Yeoman
      3. Turner
      4. Tomsak
      5. Dodge
      6. Tate
      7. James
      8. Green
      9. Parker
        1. Regrets
    2. Congress Update
      1. Yeoman: We had a Congress phone call last week, major topics:
        1. Open Board seats with USA Rugby, is a total of four seats. They’ve re-opened the nomination process as a result of Chad Keck stepping down late last week. With some of the departures there was more investigation into RIM but Congress hasn’t received a full report yet.
          1. Turner: Can you clarify the re-opening? Is it an entirely new window or was it just re-opened for additional applicants?
          2. Yeoman: I don’t know the answer to that. They haven’t done any interviews yet so it seems that the resumes would be added to the stack. Let me know if I need to follow up.
          3. Turner: Yes, I’d like to know the answer to that.
        2. RIM – Forecasting/accounting was very off and the agreed upon payment schedule may not be met this year or will be late. As a result the USAR budget could be under.
    3. Followups
      1. Competitions
        1. 2/17 Tyler vs Fort Worth (Tyler forfeit due to numbers)
          1. Young: ($250 – $200 for TRU referee costs & $50 for late cancellation). Rescheduled for 4/29. INVOICE paid 4/13.
        2. 3/10 DARC vs Tulsa (Tulsa cancelled due to low numbers)
          1. Young; Rescheduled for 4/28. Invoice sent for cancellation ($250 – $200 for TRU referee costs & $50 for late cancellation). INVOICE PAID 4/11.
        3. 3/10 OKC vs Dallas Quins II (Quins cancelled due to low numbers)
          1. Young: Rescheduled for 4/28. Invoice sent for cancellation ($250 – $200 for TRU referee costs & $50 for late cancellation). INVOICE PAID 4/5.


  • NEW Forfeits


          1. 4/7 Dallas Quins (W) vs Tulsa (W) (rainout/Tulsa forfeit)
            1. Young: Update 4/18, spoke with Tulsa and Quins and they’ve agreed to add it to the 2019 schedule (Tulsa @ Quins).
          2. 4/14 Reds II vs OKC (OKC forfeited Wed morning)
            1. Young: Invoice send for cancellation 4/18 ($150 – $150 for TRU forfeit cost)


  • Other


        1. 4/7 Tyler Vs. Alliance – FOUR Guest Players
          1. Tate: Alliance alleges that Tyler played up to four Shreveport guest players.
          2. Young; Tyler has been pretty good about turning in their roster but I don’t believe I have one for this match.
          3. Tate: Ok, so we need to get the names of the guest players to Tyler and see what they have to say. By the established book process, if they didn’t do a check and the match was played…it would stand without evidence. The Tyler coach used to play for me so I will ask him what’s going on and we can start there.
    1. RRRC Championships
      1. Kick-off times
        1. Tate: Do we know if Men’s D1 will be playing on Friday night at Burr Field?
        2. Dodge: I will double check with the Blacks but I’m assuming those matches will be at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock. I will get confirmation.
        3. Young: I also wanted to make sure everyone is OK with the proposed kick-off times. A request from several teams was that we don’t have the same divisions play at the same time.
        4. Tate: We have a few matches that we won’t know who is moving on until 4/28 as we have makeup games on the schedule.
        5. Young: Ok, so I will get the proposed times up on the website so teams can start preparing.
      2. Hotel block almost full
        1. Young: We have 41 rooms on Friday are booked, 46 on Saturday. If teams haven’t booked, they better get on it!
      3. Eligibility Issues
        1. Dodge: There’s been two eligibility issues recently in Men’s DIII. The first is Arrows and they allegedly played an UNCIPP’d player. We have a sub-committee looking into that issue. I also just got another allegation that HURT D3 may have played some guys over the 50% rule. That’s an incredibly confusing rule so I will review and speak with the teams.
        2. Tate: On playing an UNCIPP’d player we have a fine policy for that and we have used that against teams before. Please let us know what your findings are as that is a big no-no.
        3. Dodge: Yes, I will definitely let the TRU and the TRU DC know our findings.
    2. HOF
      1. Banquet Tickets
        1. Young: Last day to purchase is Apr 30. We have about 62 tickets purchased so far but would like to have at least 100.
        2. Tate: We’d really like folks to go ahead and purchase those. We also need to know if Board members are coming.
    3. TRU Championships
      1. Hotel Block – Courtyard by Marriott Fort Worth Alliance Town Center
        1. Young: Finalized today, will post on the website soon.
      2. Finalize playoff formats
        1. MD4
          1. Top two seeds play for cup, next two for plate
            1. Tate: We wanted to have semi-finals on 4/28 but we’ve had to use that weekend for replay matches. So we don’t have time for those matches on 4/28 after all. I don’t know that turning May 12 into a 2 day weekend is the right idea. Instead I propose that we do away with the semi-finals and go straight to #1 North vs #1 South for Cup. #2 North vs #2 South for Plate, #3 North vs #3 South for Bowl and #4 North vs #4 South (next best team)* for Shield.
              1. *If Corpus is unable to travel we would recommend bringing in the next best team.
              2. Tate: Any objections? None. APPROVED.
        2. WD3
          1. Bay Area vs WD3 5th place exhibition & motley 15s match with the rest of the teams
        3. Kick-off times
          1. Young: Do we want to try and do kick-off times?
          2. Tate: Why don’t you get with Alliance and see what the are thinking. It’s four matches for the men and two for the women.
  1. Summit/Summer AGM Date
    1. Avoid:
      1. 6/16 – USA vs Scotland 15s
      2. 6/23 – Bloodfest 7s (Austin)
      3. 6/30 – USA Rugby East/West Open Super Qualifiers (MEN only)
      4. 7/14 – RRRC 7s
      5. 7/21 – Rugby World Cup 7s (San Francisco, CA)
      6. 7/28 –  RRRC 7s
      7. 8/11 – 8/12 – USA Rugby National 7s
    2. Tate: We need to have the AGM before the end of the fiscal year (Sep). We can also combine it with the Summit again if we’d like. Ideally that is late August or early September (miss Labor Day weekend). Do we want to try and continue to do the AGM and the Summit together?
    3. Turner: I am a fan of that still.
    4. Tate: We will try to have it in Houston again, provided mother nature cooperates.
    5. Dodge: Can we stay off the weekend of the Sep 8, that is the Reds 50th weekend.
    6. Tate: Ok, let’s look at either Aug 25, or later in Sep.
    7. Young: Dodge, can you reach out to the LSC again and see if they want to combine with their skills clinic? We have to have players for all the courses, so that would be a big help.
  2. CIPP Update
    1. Tate: We had a good surge of registrations in late March/April but we are still lagging a bit from last year. We’re down 214 CIPP’d players and the data tells us that 59 soldiers (Ft Hood/Ft Sill) and 99 LSWC. That leaves 57 players that was an organic loss from last year. We’ve been growing every year so this is a trend to be aware of. As a result I don’t think we will have a big loss as far as budget but will keep an eye on expenses for HOF, Championships etc. After the dust settles on this season we need to take a hard look at the budget and look at scenarios.
  3. New Business
    1. NCC In-person Meeting
      1. Dodge: We had our first in-person USA Rugby NCC In-person Meeting this past weekend.
        1. Women’s D1 – May be re-aligned again, the current discussion would be bringing Glendale, Black Ice and potentially Kansas City back into the RRRC.
          1. Young: Are other Women’s D1 divisions being shuffled? Is the WPL staying in place?
          2. Dodge: Yes and yes.
          3. Young: And we’re locked into the Gold Cup until 2019.
          4. James: Yes, that could mean a ton more travel with Gold Cup and if we had to play those other teams.
        2. Arkansas Gryphons have asked to join the TRU but unfortunately that would leave their GU with only three teams.
          1. Tate: This also presents a significant referee challenge for us, unless they bring multiple referees with them. If that is nixed by the powers on high that may be bad for the Gryphons but takes a potential headache away as far as referees.
          2. Dodge: I’m going to get some guidance on that from the NCC and the RRRC will discuss it on our next call.
          3. Tate: Yes, whatever direction this goes we need to try and get some certainty on this by early June at the latest.
  4. Meeting Adjourned (9:00pm)