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TRU Board Meeting Notes – 1/17/22

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

    1. Roll Call
      1. Roche
      2. Dodge
      3. Wilson
      4. Martin (on a Rugby Texas call)
      5. Tomsak
      6. Kurylas
      7. Tate
      8. Hiller
        1. Regrets
          1. Young
    2. OKC M/W request to join TRU
      1. Tate: The last time we met, we had a special meeting to discuss COVID. We had provisionally accepted them, if they could get release from Mid-America. Since then I have spoken to Mid-America, and OKC men were not in the competitive conference and the women are a new club. The Mid-America board met recently, and we have not yet gotten a formal approval from them. Until that happens, they are still provisionally approved. I have spoken to Shawn Cox and I don’t foresee an issue with them getting approved but we are waiting for that formal note.
      2. Dodge: The Competitions Committee did provisionally accept them into the Men’s D4 schedule and they will be taking over Abilene’s schedule. I did just get a text from Mid-America, they did approve the release but not refunding their union dues that OKC paid to Mid-America already.
      3. Tate: The Club Council did mention mid-season club transfers and in general are inclined to discourage “union hopping” mid-competitive cycle, so they are not opposed to Mid-America not refunding dues.
      4. Dodge: I do agree with that.
      5. Tate: There isn’t really anything in place because it usually doesn’t happen, especially mid-season. With COVID, there’s a lot of chaos surrounding club structures and the Club Council is finding more disputes across the USAR landscape than we have seen before.
      6. Dodge: So what do OKC have to do to become members of the TRU?
      7. Tate: If they are NOT currently registered as a player, they just need to register under the TRU in their club. If they are currently registered in OKC under Mid-America, they just need to pay the TRU portion of their membership dues.
      8. Dodge: So we will have to switch that club formally in Sportlomo?
      9. Tate: Yes, we will have to reach out to Jess to do that. She was not able to do this until she had formal acceptance from Mid-America approving the transfer.
      10. Dodge: And what happens when they switch that? Do all the players disappear until they pay the TRU portion?
      11. Tate: With Sportlomo, who knows. It will likely be an adventure to find out. My suspicion is that they will create a new OKC crusaders club under TRU and all the players will have to transfer. But we will let USA Rugby give us that guidance.
    3. COVID
      1. Tate: Once we clarified the policy, it seemed like everyone settled down and had a positive reaction to the policy changes. There was some confusion where it seemed like we were requiring vaccinations when in fact we were just putting something in place to help with reschedules. We already have had some changes under that policy, notably all three sides of the Blacks/Huns from this past weekend. We are working with the referees to find a date that they can cover for that specific set of matches. Has anyone run into individual issues with this policy being in place? I did get an email from an individual wanting to require earlier exposures, any exposures within 10 days to the opposing team.
      2. Tomsak: I’m not really sure how you can be around anyone these days that hasn’t been exposed within the past two days.
      3. Roche: Yeah I agree with that. Seems like everyone has it or has been in contact with someone who.. Etc etc.
    4. Grants
      1. Will Crawford – Maccabi Games
        1. Tate: Will has put in a request for assistance as he travels to the Maccabi games, which is similar to the all-star grants we have provided in the past.
        2. Hiller: I can speak on this; each player has an obligation of $8,000 to fundraise on their own efforts. There are also two other players in the union that have made the squad.
        3. Tomsak: Didn’t we give a larger grant to Nick James the other year because of the extended length of her selection? I’d think this falls under the same umbrella.
        4. Tate: In June of last year we gave Nick James $500 for her prolonged travel to the USAR national squad.
        5. Tomsak: I motion that we give a grant of $500 to Will Crawford, as well as extend the same grant to other players that are on the squad and apply for the TRU grant.
          1. Kurylas: I second.
          2. Tate: Any opposed? None. APPROVED..
      2. NCR Collegiate Women’s All Star 7’s
        1. Tate: This is a bit problematic because NCR is not a member organization of USA Rugby.
        2. Roche: How is this problematic?
        3. Tate: These matches are not sanctioned by USA Rugby, so unless all of the participants are dual-registered, you have insurance and liability issues. There is a specific event-sanctioning process that can be used between USAR and NCR clubs. Before we could submit a grant, we would have to be sure that the event is sanctioned by USA Rugby.
        4. Roche: I’m just trying to sort the line because there are massive NCR events being held in Texas right now.
        5. Tate: That’s the Houston Sabercats hosting at their venue, and not associated with the TRU.
        6. Roche: And even though a TRU member club also plays there, it’s still not any issue for the TRU?
        7. Tate: Nope. We’re going to table this grant request until Wendy gets on to explain what this is about.
          1. Tate: I spoke with Jonathan Atkinson at USA Rugby and confirmed that this event is *not* sanctioned by USA Rugby and as such we will not award any grants for it. NCR is an outside entity that doesn’t fall under the TRU or our governing body.
    5. New Business
      1. An entertaining tale of Kirk’s last match.
    6. Meeting Adjournment (9:17 PM)