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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 1/9/23

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Martin
    3. Dale
    4. Fosco
    5. Roche
    6. McPhail
    7. Horn
    8. Norton
    9. Hanlon
    10. Kurylas
    11. Curl
      1. Regrets
        1. Kueppens
  2. Welcome
    1. McPhail: Welcome to 2023 and Happy New Year! I talked to Dodge earlier and he is ready to transition the group over to us. He will remain on the TRU Board calls and such.
  3. RX
    1. Registration Numbers
      1. Young: Numbers are still growing, we are on the path to getting really close to pre-COVID numbers! I was able to get some pretty decent data from 2018 on…I’m not super confident in the Sportlomo numbers but I did the best I could to remove duplicates and such.
    2. Issues/Feature Requests
      1. Eligibility Report
        1. Norton (via email): I requested a legend for the Eligibility Report as the columns and letters don’t really make sense.
        2. Young: I checked the RX help database and there is an explanation here: https://help.xplorer.rugby/s/article/Club-reports#:~:text=Player%20%26%20Team%20Official%20History. I’ve added it to the google sheet as well.
        3. McPhail: Is there a place we can put this on the website?
        4. Young: Kat, what do you think? I know you’re looking at the Operating Procedures.
        5. Roche: Maybe in resources?
        6. Young: Yes, that makes sense.
      2. Name Withheld
        1. Roche: Norton has taken the charge for this, and has done a really great job of checking every roster and addressing issues before they become worse down the line. It’s a learning process on every level, from admin (us) to club admin to individual player. So thank you to Norty for taking charge on this, and thank you to the clubs who have worked hard to make sure players don’t have hidden profiles.
  4. Competitions
    1. WD2
      1. San Antonio Riveters
      2. Austin Valks D2
        1. Young: We’ve been keeping an eye on both of these teams. For the Riveters they have a coach registered and compliant and have 13 players registered. They asked to reschedule their first match and their opponent HARC is accommodating it. We’ll keep an eye on them. As for Austin we talked about this previously that they are committed to their D1 and D2 schedule. They may reschedule a few matches to help with not traveling with both sides and we’re working through that.
        2. McPhail: Great to hear about San Antonio, that is very encouraging. As far as Austin, there are concerns about Dallas teams and their matches. Can we try and get clarity on that?
        3. Young: Yes, that is on the radar as well but we’re focusing on them rescheduling their first match against Little Rock. Want to get that done first and then we can keep focusing on their upcoming schedule.
    2. Wrapup
      1. 12/10 OKC Tribe v Alliance
        1. McPhail: Just a recap from the TRU call, the Board agreed with the RRRC and will not take any action since the team worked it out on their own. They don’t want to write rules for every scenario but this is one where a brush up on policy may be needed. If there are any policy changes we will update our minutes.
    3. Outstanding Reschedules
      1. 11/19 HARC vs Woodlands M
      2. 12/10 Denton vs OKC Crusaders M
      3. 12/17 Little Rock vs Austin 2 W
        1. Roche: I’ve been in contact with all of these teams and they are communicating with me. But if the reps can help get these matches rescheduled before we have any weather reschedules or other issues that would be good. Otherwise in the past we see problems where teams are trying to schedule multiple matches and they get into trouble because there aren’t enough weekends.
        2. McPhail: Ok, reps if these are your teams please give Kat a hand.
        3. Horn: I can reach out to Woodlands and HARC.
        4. Kurylas: I’ll follow up with the Woodlands and OKC match.
        5. Young: I’ll ping the Valks again.
    4. Forfeits
      1. 12/17 Little Rock vs Denton M – Denton played forfeit
      2. 12/17 Lady Quins and Dallas Reds W – ?
        1. Roche: We typically track forfeits, so following that pattern. Denton arrived and they had a played forfeit. This seemed to be a surprise to Little Rock and the referee which is not what we want. Of course it doesn’t mean that a ref will be taken away but league matches take priority. TRRA could have reshuffled referees if they had known ahead. Wendy and I got an email earlier today about the women’s match and we didn’t hear about that so I’ve asked for more details.
        2. Dale: It turned into a friendly rather than a played forfeit. I believe it will be rescheduled.
        3. Roche: Ok, we’ll keep track of it for now and move it to the reschedule column if we need to.
        4. McPhail: Should the team have reached out to Kat or Wendy beforehand about the match?
        5. Roche: Ideally yes. But at the very least the referee can report on the match report in the comments that it was a friendly or other arrangements were made.
        6. Dale: The Reds were pretty proactive and emails were exchanged early in the week.
        7. Roche (next morning): I’ve received copies of the text messages now and it was played as a friendly. They will reschedule the league match so it’s official.
    5. Holiday Schedules
      1. Kurylas: Looking at the matches between teams the week before the Holidays rosters appeared to be pretty light. That may be something we want to avoid in the future.
      2. Hughes: I don’t usually schedule matches that weekend but in trying to spread things out we did use some abnormal weekends. The holidays fell on a particularly tough weekend this year.
      3. McPhail: That’s a good point, it was a tough weekend but something to keep in mind for the future.
      4. Norton: This year will also be funky as Christmas is on Monday and then New Years will follow.
      5. McPhail: In a perfect world we’d want to avoid weekends before Holidays.
  5. Roster and CMS Requirements / Fines
    1. McPhail: On the TRU call we determined that if rosters aren’t entered, CMS isn’t entered, names withheld  or other procedural issues than the $25 fine will be issued. The grace period is over and we need our competitions to be as accurate as possible.
    2. Roche: Forgive me, I think it’s next weekend. 
    3. Young: We originally said the 15th and then it was pushed to the almost the end of the month. 
    4. Kurylas: That’s what I recall.
    5. McPhail: Ok, so Friday the 28th it is…double checked the TRU notes.
  6. PR 7’s Open Trials
    1. Roche: Wanted to share with the group that there was a PR7s trial in Austin this past weekend. There were 22 women from across the TRU and at least 50 men as well. It was a great representation with Mike Tolkin, Richie Walker, Lauren Barber and more having a great look at our talent. The first PR7s stop is June 17 in Austin. It is the same weekend as Bloodfest but it is an evening tournament from 5-10pm. So theoretically play all day at Bloodfest and then attend the tournament that evening.
  7. New Business
    1. Gulf Coast Super Regionals
      1. McPhail: Still waiting for a reply from Kerri on a location for our event but haven’t heard back. I want to start looking for a backup so I reached out to the Sabercats but they may have a NCR 7s event already booked. We’re still pushing for knowing a location by Feb 15.
      2. Norton: So the deadline for the South is Feb 15? 
      3. McPhail: Correct. I’ll keep pressing Kerri but we need to start thinking of alternate locations.
      4. Young: Is there somewhere else in the middle, what about where the New Orleans MLR play? The pictures don’t make it look that great, but is it someone we could leverage?
      5. Roche: The fields are pretty good actually, pictures don’t always tell the true story. There are fields outside the stadium as well.
      6. Young: I think I’ll see Kerri at the WRCRA conference this weekend and can also pester her.
    2. Multiside Eligibility Question
      1. McPhail: We received an inquiry from the Blacks around any changes around the eligibility rules with multiside clubs. I talked with Dodge and he is working on an easy guide that clubs can use. We should have that available soon but the eligibility regulations are available here.
    3. Preview Articles
      1. Roche: I started the 2023 preview articles, D1 was posted earlier today and the rest should be coming out soon. If you see an error please let me know, happy to correct. I gather most of the information from CMS or social media so I could easily make a mistake.
    4. Eligibility Committee
      1. Norton: I wanted to mention that I was added to the USAR Eligibility Committee.
      2. McPhail: Great news! Do you want to write the eligibility user guide!?
      3. Norton: I was thinking it might make sense if all three of us worked on it. I’ll reach out to Dodge.
  8. Meeting Adjournment (8:43 PM)