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TRU Women’s Division 3 Representative Job Description

Role: TRU Women’s Division 3 Representative (Volunteer Position)

About the Position:

The TRU Women’s Division 3 Representative will work closely with the existing representative, Marie Wilson, to assist in organizing and supporting the existing Women’s Division 3 (WD3) clubs within the Texas Rugby Union. This volunteer position plays a crucial role in promoting the growth of women’s rugby and ensuring the smooth functioning of the WD3 competition.


  1. Organize and Coordinate WD3 Clubs: Collaborate with Marie Wilson and TRU officials to maintain regular communication with WD3 clubs, providing guidance, support, and information about league activities.
  2. Promote Growth: Actively engage in initiatives to grow women’s rugby in the TRU region, including identifying and recruiting new clubs, players, and coaches.
  3. Communication and Outreach: Serve as a point of contact for WD3 clubs, addressing their queries, concerns, and providing updates on TRU-related matters. Facilitate effective communication channels between clubs, TRU, and other relevant stakeholders.
  4. Game Scheduling and Logistics: Assist in coordinating the WD3 tournament schedule, working closely with clubs, match secretaries, and the TRU women’s representatives. Help ensure smooth match logistics and timely communication of fixtures.
  5. Liaison with TRU Board: Serve as a liaison between WD3 clubs and the TRU Board, sharing feedback, suggestions, and concerns, and contributing to decision-making processes related to women’s rugby.


  • Passion for women’s rugby and a commitment to promoting the sport’s growth.
  • Good understanding of the TRU Women’s Division 3 guidelines and structure.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively engage with club representatives, TRU officials, and other stakeholders.
  • Organizational skills to manage club-related information, schedules, and communications.
  • Proactive and self-motivated, with the ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team.
  • Knowledge of club development strategies, player recruitment, and coaching is beneficial but not mandatory.


  • Opportunity to make a significant impact on the growth and development of women’s rugby within the TRU region.
  • Gain valuable experience in sports administration, club development, and stakeholder management.
  • Networking opportunities with rugby enthusiasts, officials, and players within the Texas Rugby Union.
  • Satisfaction of volunteering for a worthy cause and contributing to the empowerment of women through sport.

To apply for the TRU Women’s Division 3 Representative position, please email your cover letter and rugby resume to wendy@texasrugbyunion.com. We look forward to receiving your application and appreciate your commitment to women’s rugby in the Texas Rugby Union.

Note: This position is voluntary and does not offer financial compensation.