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TOLA and RRRC 7s Series 2023: Celebrating Champions and Nationals Qualifiers

As the dust settles on the rugby fields, we celebrate not only the champions of the TOLA and RRRC 7s Series but also the teams that advanced to Nationals, igniting excitement and representing Texas on a broader stage.

TOLA 7s Series Men’s Champions: Austin Huns

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, the Austin Huns Men’s team emerged as the champions of the TOLA 7s Series, leaving an indelible mark on each stage of the competition.

Navigating through diverse and challenging terrains, including Lonestar, Bloodfest, Hell or Highwater, Cherrybone, Choctaw, and Riverboat, the Austin Huns Men’s team showcased their exceptional prowess and strategic finesse. Match after match, they faced off against formidable opponents, each game serving as a testament to their dedication and commitment.

With resounding victories against Austin Huns – Blue, Dallas RFC – Red, Austin Blacks, San Antonio, Woodlands, Green Machine, HEB, and more, the Huns demonstrated their unwavering spirit and teamwork. By accumulating a total of 27 points, they secured the coveted title of TOLA 7s Series Champions.

Congratulations to the Austin Huns Men’s team for their extraordinary accomplishment and for setting an exemplary standard in the world of rugby sevens. Your triumph reflects your exceptional talent, unyielding effort, and unmatched sportsmanship.

TOLA 7s Series Women’s Champions: Dallas

The Dallas Women’s team emerged as the undeniable champions of the TOLA 7s Series, leaving a trail of victories and commendable performances across multiple locations.

Throughout their journey in the series, which included intense battles at Lonestar, Bloodfest, Hell or Highwater, Cherrybone, Choctaw, and Riverboat, the Dallas Women’s team showcased their extraordinary talent and determination. With each match, they displayed exceptional teamwork and an unrelenting spirit.

Facing off against formidable opponents such as Quins, sHARCs 1, Little Rock, Faith Family (FL), Badger Academy, Valkyries, Maulgaritaville, and more, the Dallas Women’s team secured their victory with a total of 18 points. Their impressive victories stand as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the sport and their incredible sportsmanship.

Congratulations to the Dallas Women’s team for their outstanding achievement in the TOLA 7s Series. Your remarkable performance throughout the series has proven your mettle and solidified your position as true champions of the game. Your success serves as an inspiration to aspiring rugby players everywhere.

RRRC 7s Series Men’s Champions: Dallas

In a thrilling journey through the RRRC 7s Series, the Dallas Men’s team exhibited remarkable prowess, emerging as the ultimate champions in the face of tough competition.

Facing off against a dynamic lineup of opponents, including Dallas White, Huns White, Quins, HEB, Detroit Tradesmen, and KC Blues, the Dallas Men’s team showcased their exceptional skills, strategic acumen, and unyielding determination. With spirited matches against these formidable teams, Dallas Men proved their mettle and demonstrated a profound understanding of the game.

Throughout the series, each game was a testament to their commitment, teamwork, and relentless pursuit of excellence. By conquering challenges and consistently delivering outstanding performances, Dallas Men secured a total of 16 points, solidifying their position as the triumphant champions of the RRRC 7s Series.

Congratulations to the Dallas Men’s team for their resounding victory and for setting a remarkable standard in the world of rugby sevens. Your achievement is a testament to your dedication, hard work, and exceptional sportsmanship.

RRRC 7s Series Women’s Champions: HEB

The HEB Women’s team has secured a resounding victory in the fiercely contested RRRC 7s Series. Their exceptional performance throughout the series showcased their unwavering dedication and skill, reflecting the true spirit of rugby.

Facing off against a diverse array of opponents, including several formidable teams from the TOLA hybrid league, the HEB Women’s team consistently demonstrated their determination, teamwork, and competitive spirit. Their triumph is a testament to their hard work and passion for the sport.

Congratulations to the HEB Women’s team for their outstanding achievement. Their victory not only signifies their prowess on the field but also exemplifies the camaraderie and tenacity that define rugby.

USA Club 7s Nationals Aug 12-13 in Madison, WI

These champions and their fellow TRU teams carried their momentum to the Nationals held on August 12-13 in Madison, Wisconsin. Representing our Union, Dallas and Huns Men and HEB, Dallas, and Little Rock Women’s teams showcased their talents and determination on a national platform.

Both the women’s and men’s teams displayed unwavering dedication and grit. In the women’s category, Dallas Women demonstrated their determination in the Shield Semifinal, while Little Rock Women exhibited their spirit in the Bowl Semifinal. HEB secured a commendable 7th place overall. On the men’s side, Dallas secured the 8th position, while the Huns showcased their skills, despite the challenge in the Bowl Semifinal.

These teams not only participated but also represented the heart of TRU rugby, showcasing their abilities and passion on a national stage. Their journey is a testament to the growth and excellence of rugby in our state.

Congratulations to all the champions and teams who made the journey to Nationals. Your dedication, spirit, and sportsmanship have made us proud.