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Ensure Your RX Privacy Setting is ‘Public’ for Valid Competition Results

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern sports, the integrity of competitions stands as the cornerstone of fair play. To ensure a level playing field and maintain transparency, the TRU continues taking a strong stance by mandating that players make their information public. This move is pivotal in preserving the legitimacy of rugby competitions, as it allows for robust eligibility verification and fosters a culture of openness within the sport.

The Importance of Public Information

Rugby, like many sports, thrives on fairness and equity. A fundamental aspect of ensuring fairness is the ability to verify player eligibility. Publicly available player information is indispensable in this regard. It allows competition organizers, clubs, and officials to confirm that players meet the necessary criteria to participate. In some instances, eligibility hinges on factors such as age, experience, or registration status. Public information makes it possible to perform these checks efficiently.

Mandatory Public Information

To strengthen the commitment to competition integrity, Rugby Xplorer  (RX) allows players to make their information public. This means that player names will be displayed prominently on team sheets and live results in the Rugby Xplorer app and its associated websites. 

Compliance with this policy is straightforward. Players can easily configure their privacy settings to make their information public by following these steps:

1. Sign in to RX.
2. Access your profile.
3. Under personal details, change your status to ‘Public.’
4. Click update.

It is incumbent upon players to promptly make this adjustment to their profiles. Once completed, their names will be prominently displayed, ensuring their eligibility for matches.