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TRAINING – Understanding World Rugby Law 3 ‘Replacements’

In an effort to enhance the understanding of player replacements in rugby matches, we are partnering with TRRA to host a comprehensive training session on World Rugby Law 3. The training, tailored for clubs, managers, coaches, referees, and avid fans, aims to simplify the intricacies surrounding squad size, tactical and injury replacements, and key considerations for the front row. By participating in this session, attendees will gain valuable insights into the rules governing player substitutions, ensuring a more informed and compliant rugby community.

The training will cover essential topics such as the minimum number of front row players required based on squad size, specific rules for front row replacements, consequences of yellow and red cards, and protocols for handling blood and head injuries (NOTE: Head Injury Assessments will be included solely for informational purposes and does not apply to USA Club play at this time). To make this learning opportunity accessible to all interested individuals, the session will be conducted via Zoom, with participants requested to register. Additionally, for those unable to attend in real-time, the session will be recorded, allowing participants to revisit the training at their convenience.