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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 1/8/24

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
  1. McPhail
  2. Dale
  3. Norton
  4. Gordon
  5. Hughes
  6. Hunter
  7. Robinson
  8. Curl
  9. Kurylas
  10. Ozzie
  11. Hanson
  12. Wegman
    1. Regrets
      1. Horn
      2. Young 
      3. Arnal Prasad (Sevens) to be added for FEB call.
  1. Compliance Checks
  1. Compliance doc / link:
    1. https://texasrugbyunion.com/club-compliance/
  2. Clubs that need further inquiries regarding # of players / Certified Coach / TRU paid club fee:
    1. Celina Rugby = 0 players / No Coach / Not Paid
    2. HEB Hurricanes = Sevens Only
    3. Houston Chupacabras – 0 players / Not Paid
    4. OKC Women (Boomers) = 4 players / No Coach / Not Paid
    5. OKC Tribe = 12 players / Not Paid / No Coach – (resolved post meeting)
  1. Registration Items:
  2. YTD 2023-24 registrations (YTD vs YTD Prior Year):
  3. Players: 1369 vs 1531 = 89%
  4. Coaches: 89 vs 85 = 105%
  5. Match Officials: 4 vs 7 = 57%
  6. Admin: 46 vs 25 = 184%
  7. All Categories: 1508 vs 1648 = 92%


  1. Has the McAllen match versus San Antonio been recorded as a Forfeit (emails). Yes.
  1. Registration Clearance: J Flores from Bay Area to Woodlands. Pending review from Bay Area as of 12/23/23. (Bay Area approved in RX post meeting).


  1. Table Scoring: RX scoring has been corrected as of 12/28/23 per email from Kat.
  1. Background: Per a related email from Kat, she saw that there was a discrepancy in what the table as she saw it. Email comments as follows: “When I looked behind the curtain RX was set for 4 for win, 1 for loss, 2 for tie, bonus points for 4+ tries and loss within 7. It was also set for 28 table points for a forfeit win and 0 for a forfeit loss.”
  1. From last month, we discussed: “Post match rosters, including subs and scores should be uploaded “live” on game day, and finalized per policy. If teams are unable to complete “live” all post match data entry should be completed ASAP or will be subject to published fines.”
  1. Any update from prior match between Huns & FTW that was missing data?
    1. FTW admitted it was incorrect. Hansel to correct in the official record. 
    2. DRM to send an email to FTW regarding continued errors despite RRRC requirement for 

training and improvement, etc.

  1. Did anyone have a chance to clean up the old information on Website as it relates to the following?
  1. MD2: Last call there was a request to Hanlon and Horn to update the TRU comps page as the structure is outdated and needs updating based on the current approved format. Completion date? Yes, Link to Statement. See D2 info https://texasrugbyunion.com/xvs/ Gordon confirms update.
  2. WD1: Women’s clubs will engage in home and away fixtures ensuring they meet their minimum match requirements by competing against similar opponents nationwide. KC to confirm Women’s info. Needs to be sent to Wendy.
  1. 2023-24 Season On-Going
  1. Times in RX and WTR are placeholders only. Teams required to read, verify and confirm. This includes marking Players, Reserves, and Front Row eligible players.


Needs an address in RX for game day / pitch location:

  1. BARC M vs Shreveport Jan-13th
  2. OKC Tribe vs Alliance 
  3. Collin County vs Fort Worth II 
  4. Alliance vs Little Rock Jan-27th
  5. Old Skool vs Alamo City 
  6. Denton vs Los Colinas 
  7. SA Riveters vs SHarcs II 
  8. HURT vs DARC 
  9. HARC vs HURT Feb-3rd
  10. Arrows vs BARC 
  11. SHarcs II vs Little Rock W 
  12. HARC vs FTW
  1. Schedule Issues:
  1. RRRC was asked to review a schedule conflict of a league match between Sabercats 2 and Dallas Reds.

Ad Hoc committee led by John Dale (non-voting) was convened and ruled that there was no standing for RRRC to mandate a change. Update: Sabercats have worked with the USA Hawks and Dallas RFC after the ruling and resolution has reportedly been met that satisfies all parties. No further action needed.

  1. Email was sent by Alliance to RRRC Admin (Hansel) regarding a weather request from the OKC Tribe. Travis Hughes formally responded as D3 rep that the change request did not meet the criteria for a weather cancellation / change. Note, there was no formal request to the RRRC. 
    1. Deadline of Wednesday Jan 10 for Registered Players and TRU Fee paid or match will be a forfeit (played or unplayed). * Club eligibility issues resolved before the deadline.
  1. TOLA & RRRC Sevens – Per last call Arnal Prasad is taking over Fil’s work on the Sevens Program. I have messaged Arnal so that we can talk this week about next steps. FIl was copied on the message. Arnal to talk to Fil in the next few days. We will lay out a plan and timeline of objectives to get TOLA sorted out and will share with the group. Qualifiers are still in the air as USA still needs to announce a new National Director. Once we have an appointment, we will need to see what changes may come from top down in structure / pathways / etc.
  1. New Business:


  2. Discussion regarding TRU Championships (Exec Session).
  3. U18 player – only need Safesport for Coaches and Club/Team Captain. Not all players on the roster.
    1. Waiver designed for single side club. 
    2. Wegman – BARC had the same issue last year.
    3. Little Rock Women – current issue for them as well. 
    4. Norton will forward information 
  4. Ozzie “training on law 3” next Monday Wednesday after the Board call. Estimate 30 mins for the summary. McPhail to sort out the details.
  5. RX – multi-sided clubs: Players play games on eligibility based on report but match has not been actually played yet. Be careful of “future” rosters. Do it the week of, not in advance of a report.
  6. Eligibility report is up on TRU Club Admin Site. Information is available and has been shared with all registered Club Contacts. 

Motion to close: Norton & Hughes 8:59pm.