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2023-24 TRU Process for Recognized Competitive Match

Copied or Extrapolated from 2023-24 ELIGIBILITY REGULATION 3.4.3 

For more information see the Senior Club Eligibility website (https://usa.rugby/club-eligibility).


There may be circumstances where a club feels their competitive schedule set by their approved governing body does not provide enough matches for their players to all receive eligibility. In this case the club can request approval of a match they organize to cover this scenario under regulation 3.4.3. Recognized Competitive Match. A recognized competitive match may count as a Qualifying Match with respect to player eligibility only. The intent is that this is an actual competitive match that is played and managed just like any regular league match. If a club is suspected of bad-faith action, the competitive match may not count toward any player’s match participation requirements. 


The approved competitive match does not apply towards the club’s match participation requirement; it only applies towards a player’s eligibility requirement. The club and match must meet the following requirements:

  • The club must request approval from the Senior Club Fifteens Competitions Committee (SCFCC) for the match to be used for player eligibility purposes no later than April 1 and well in advance (at least two weeks) of playing the match.
  • No more than one (1) match for any National Championship Series (NCS) bound club will be approved by the SCFCC. In the case of a multi-side club it is one per club’s division.
  • The match must be played with a sanctioned senior club, with all players registered and in good standing with USA Rugby prior to the deadline (See 3.4.2-(a)).
  • The Approved Governing Body, in this case the TRU, will receive written approval from the SCFCC for the match to count as a Qualifying match with respect to player eligibility.  
  • In order to be considered for player eligibility purposes, the match must be completely entered into the CMS and locked no later than 48 hours after the match has concluded.
  • The SCFCC shall review the roster used in the match to ensure that the club and players are operating within the Spirit of the Rules.

Process Summary

Meeting the requirements above, the club requesting approval must fill out the following form. Both of the clubs can request that the match count. Please review the form in advance.


Submitting the form does not guarantee approval. 

After the above approval and match details are received by the TRU Competitions Director the TRU Administrator will add the match details in Rugby Xplorer and Whos the Ref under the TRU Qualifying Non League Matches competition.   

From there the match will be played, conducted and managed as any other league match. See TRU Operating policies here.

Per USA Rugby policy, the match details (rosters, substitutions, etc) must be entered into the CMS no later than 48 hours after the match has concluded. TRU Policy is that the TRU Admin locks all matches by the following Monday at 5 PM.

After the match details have been post match reviewed, validated and approved in the CMS by the SCFCC and the Eligibility Committees, the Club and TRU Competitions Director will be notified. 

More Information

A club fielding teams in multiple divisions can request to play an approved match for a team for each, or any, division in which it fields a side. Requesting club can set the division for its own players. No additional paperwork or waivers needed.

Playing in a D3 approved competitive match may be used to meet participation requirements for D3/D2/D1; playing in a D2 approved competitive match may be used to meet participation requirements for D2/D1; playing in a D1 approved competitive match may be used for participation requirements for D1 only.

These are matches played for the purpose of helping a player or players meet, or get at least one, Qualifying participation for eligibility purposes. They are not used in a player’s 50% or 66% rule calculations. It is only used to satisfy 3.4.2.c if needed by a player. 

3.4.2.c. Player must play in at least two (2) NCS Qualifying Matches with the Club. 

Document reviewed and approved by the USA Rugby Eligibility committee chair and members.