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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 2/12/24

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
  1. McPhail
  2. Dale
  3. Norton
  4. Hughes
  5. Hunter
  6. Curl
  7. Kurylas
  8. Ozzie
  9. Hanson
  10. Prasad
  11. Horn
    1. Regrets
      1. Gordon
      2. Wegman
      3. Robinson
      4. Young 


  1. Compliance Checks
  1. Compliance doc / link:
    1. https://texasrugbyunion.com/club-compliance/
  2. See link – discussion 
    1. Total of 1,772 / 77% of last year’s YTD registrations. College and Summer sevens registrations are hoped to close the gap and get us back to flat or positive grow.


  1. Match Day Compliance https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fpiov1cA6UuRsQV9kpJFanSpVgBhuzqXoEl_3ie4z1I/edit#gid=0


  1. Alamo City vs McAllen: AC had no roster Friday night
  2. Little Rock vs OKC Tribe:  Neither reported Front Rows
  3. Red Card issued to ARFC # 8 vs Dallas – Reported in RX (2/11)


  1. Reds had insufficient amount of FR’s marked (Friday)
  2. HURT had insufficient amount of FR’s marked (Friday)
  3. FTW 2 vs Las Colinas – rescheduled


  1. D1 – Reds vs Quins – multiple cards (2R & 1Y) were not reported.  Dale sent an email reporting them on 1/30.
  2. D2 – Reds card (YC) not reported.  Incorrectly reported / Resolved.
  3. HARC vs SA – HARC had no player movements reported
  4. Old Skool vs AC – Old Skool had no Roster (FRI) and AC not enough FR’s marked
  5. Galveston vs Arrows – rescheduled
  6. Denton vs Las Colinas – rescheduled

  1. Multi-sided Club roster utilization on game day: 
  1. Email rec’d yesterday (Feb-11th) regarding concerns about player movement (D2 / D3) and regulations regarding multi-sided clubs.
  2. McPhail – I had a conference call with the concerned Coach and President to clarify some of the items contained within the Email
    1. Link cited as a TRU “Ruling” when it was actually a summary / guide to the USA Eligibility Policy.   Publication on TRU site is a summary of the Policy and not a TRU action other than an informative “summary” for the membership.  RRRC policy comes directly from USA directives.
    2. Email cited some roster comments that were researched in RX and verified to be not fully accurate.
    3. Concerns were noted and discussed. Lengthy discussion of the pros and cons of the USA regulation and its impact on all levels of competition; not just D3 or single sided clubs.  
    4. Information and perspective from both sides shared between the three parties on the call.  Very good exchange overall.
    5. Summary, is that while there are imperfections in the USA Eligibility policy, there are various restrictive policies that apply to all levels.  Unfortunately, the middle of a competition cycle is not an appropriate time to enact roster policies this far into league play.  Policy changes need to be vetted at or near the end of the season so they can a) considered in May/June b) approved in June/July during the annual promotion & relegation meetings in order to be incorporated into the proposed schedule  c) divisional alignments (July/Aug) can be weighed and d) implemented into the new competitive cycle (Sept-1st).
    6. Travis to circle back with the subject Club to make sure concerns have been addressed and if any further action is required.  


  1. San Antonio reached out to Hanson and USA Rugby in connection to issues with RX roster movements.  The in game player movement was creating errors and showing some subs as repetitive changes instead of a single substitute.  Need to check with SA to see if this is a wider issue.
  1. There is a “field/button” for time that an action has occurred that may resolve the issue.  Recommendation is to not leave the “field/button” as zero.
  2. Need to make sure that Data Entry Person is inputing a specific time for all actions (scores, subs, cards, etc).


  1. TOLA & RRRC Sevens – Welcome Arnal to the group and conf call officially!
  1. Tentative Schedule:
    1. Lone Star (Dallas) June 7-8th / TOLA
    2. Bloodfest (Austin) June 15th / Combined TOLA and RRRC
    3. Choctaw (Oklahoma) June 29th / Combined TOLA and RRRC
    4. Cherrybone (Woodlands) June 13th / TOLA only
    5. Hell or High Water (Houston) July 20th / Combined TOLA and RRRC
    6. Riverboat 7’s (Shreveport) TBC / TOLA final
    7. List is NOT final. There are others that are being discussed as well as the need for an official national sevens schedule to be released.  Stay tuned.  
    8. Contact Arnal directly with questions / comments.
    9. Plan is to continue with the HSBC scoring / format structure as done in prior years.  Next step is to get all teams agreement, document the expectations in writing (structure, rules, score reporting, etc.).
    10. USA Club Sevens Championships to be held in Madison, Wisconsin again on the weekend of August 10-11.


  1. WD1 – Update on playoff pathway (KC)
  1. Per discussions with USAR Club Fifteens Chair, the RRRC WD1 Rep will be playing the winner of the Rocky Mtn competition at the Gulf Coast Super Regional this year as part of the pathway to USA Club Nationals.
  2. Within the RRRC, the Austin Valkyries will play sHARCs in a home and away series during this competitive cycle along with a minimum number of NCS approved matches to meet national club and player eligibility requirements.  
  3. If the two TRU teams split the two matches, a third and final tie-breaker match will be played at the RRRC Championships in Houston.  If one of the Clubs wins both, they will get a BYE into the GCSR playoff in Austin.
  4. KC Curl is working with the Clubs to confirm a date (Sat or Sun) should the RRRC tiebreaking match be required.


  1. Playoff’s 
  1. Conf Call held with SaberCats, HARC leadership, David McPhail and Wendy Young in connection with the event to go over the checklist and ensure that all parties are moving forward with clear guidance. 
  2. All parties in agreement on path forward with a follow up call to be set again as we get closer to the event.
  3. Emails exchanged with Austin RFC regarding their hosting of GCSR.  Point person has been assigned and google checklist is in process of being reviewed and updated.  Will schedule a follow up in a few weeks to troubleshoot any areas of concern.


  1. Book Check Discussion
  1. Background – as we got closer to last year’s RRRC playoffs, Clubs were required to upload their 28+ person roster accompanied by proof of citizenship (Passport or BC).
  2. This information was used to 1) verify citizenship and 2) used in conjunction with RX to confirm player eligibility (multi-side club requirements).  
  3. There were several Clubs that failed to meet the deadline or comply at all. In order to get ahead of some of last year’s issues.  Wendy and I are proposing to do the Citizenship work on the front end of the process as opposed to the deadline.  There will be stragglers (late CIPP registrations) but those will be a small portion of the membership.  Initial meeting with Wendy, Chris and David to be held this coming Sunday to discuss formal TRU announcement, key dates, and process for submission of player eligibility requirements.
  4. Dates proposed: CIPP roster effective as of Sunday March 10th.  Wendy to draft the document and publish.  David, Wendy, and Hanson to sort out the best method to gather and cull the data.
  5. Once data is submitted by the Clubs, the process to be run and overseen by the Divisional Reps in conjunction with Chair and Admin oversight.


  1. New Business:
  2. McPhail – I was contacted by an “old boy” that had some thoughts on next year’s schedule as it relates to D3 and D4.  David will share the concept with Travis and Jeff via email and get their feedback and see if there is enough merit to push to the D3/4 membership for consideration.
  3. Reminder to use the Match Change form for all cancellations.  Been a lot of field closures lately.
  4. Red River Premiership update – Norton: Yesterday’s scheduled call was postponed one week due to the Superbowl. Overall it’s going well. All clubs are participating and it’s working well.
  5. USA Nationals announcement coming soon? USA Sevens Chair announcement coming soon? * Update: Host has been named as the Austin Blacks and will be held in Round Rock TX. 
  6. RX player designations?  Pro, USA, Front Row, etc.  McPhail – Will check with Elaine at USAClub.  If attached to Member ID, Hanson can link it.

Motion to close: Norton / Kurylas at 9:07pm