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Beyond the Field: A Call for Sportsmanship and Responsibility on the Sidelines

As we dive headfirst into the heart of the competitive season, we would like to extend a friendly reminder about the essential guidelines regarding sideline conduct. As the temperature rises, both on the field and in emotions, it becomes paramount that we all contribute to maintaining the high standards of sportsmanship and professionalism that define our beloved sport.

Here are some key points for all clubs to revisit and reinforce within their teams:

  1. Sideline Barriers, Player/Spectator Segregation & Technical Zones:

    • Ensure strict adherence to the policies regarding sideline barriers, player/spectator segregation, and technical zones.
    • Emphasize the importance of maintaining order and respecting designated areas during matches.
  2. Behavior of Players and Coaches on the Sidelines:

    • Discuss with players and coaches what is expected of them when they are on the sidelines, including adherence to technical zones, refraining from entering the field without authorization, and avoiding verbal abuse towards match officials and touch judges.
  3. Responsibility of Coaches:

    • Coaches are not only accountable for their own behavior but also for controlling their reserves. It is crucial to ensure that only reserves, trainers, and coaches are present on the sideline.
    • Coaches are expected to actively address and rectify any issues that arise on the sideline, rather than turning a blind eye. Their presence on the sideline is a privilege that hinges on responsible behavior and control over their designated area.
  4. Professional Atmosphere:

    • Clubs play a pivotal role in fostering an atmosphere of professionalism. It is the responsibility of each club to step in and mitigate any abusive or unacceptable situations that may arise, including those involving spectators and fans.

This reminder is not intended to be punitive but rather as a collective effort to ensure that our focus remains on the field of play and the commendable efforts of our players. Let’s work together to create an environment that showcases the true spirit of rugby and enhances our enjoyment of this exciting season.

Wishing all clubs the best of luck in their endeavors this season. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss these matters further, please feel free to contact us directly.

Here’s to a season filled with camaraderie, fair play, and the joy of rugby!

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Best regards,

Scot Courtney – DC Chair