Referee Talent Development: Growing the Game (Sunday)


This comprehensive program is designed to nurture and advance referees by providing specialized courses, expert guidance, and opportunities for career development, ultimately contributing to the growth and expansion of the sport.

Aug 27 – SUNDAY COURSE – Early registration pays off! Sign up before August 14 to get lunch and a conference shirt. Don’t wait too long, as final registration ends on August 21 at NOON, and course availability is limited.

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Referee Talent Development: Growing the Game is a comprehensive program aimed at fostering the growth and advancement of referees in the sport. Through a series of specialized courses in partnership with the Texas Rugby Referee Association and USA Rugby Training & Education, referees will have the opportunity to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and navigate their career development with expert guidance.

Designed for referees with at least one year of officiating experience, these courses will unlock your potential and elevate your officiating skills.

Gain access to all Referee Talent Development courses for only $100. If you are a current TRRA Referee, email wendy@texasrugbyunion.com for a 50% off discount code. Space is limited, sign up today!

Courses and Instructors

Our exceptional team of instructors brings a wealth of expertise and experience to cover a wide range of rugby topics. From player development to coaching strategies and officiating skills, our specialized courses are designed to empower players, coaches, administrators, and fans alike on their unique rugby journeys. Learn more.

Referee Excellence: Navigating Career Development and Growth with Derek Summers

Unlock your full potential as a referee by discovering the power of goal setting, self-analysis, and understanding your personality. Through personal development and video analysis, you’ll gain valuable insights and find your pathway to success, enhancing your officiating prowess. Elevate your refereeing skills and become the best official you can be, leaving a lasting mark on the game with your exceptional abilities.

Referee Mental Fitness: Unlocking Peak Performance with Scott Green

This comprehensive course is tailored specifically for referees seeking to optimize their mental fitness. Participants will explore the psychological dimensions of refereeing, including techniques for concentration, stress management, self-analysis, and goal-setting. Through a combination of theoretical instruction, practical exercises, and guided discussions, referees will learn to harness the power of their mind to enhance performance, decision-making, and resilience on the field.

The Essential Guide to Assistant Referee: Navigating Responsibilities in a Team of 3 with Jamie McGregor

This dynamic course is designed to empower referees who work as a team of 3 in rugby matches, enhancing their collective officiating capabilities. Participants will delve into the intricacies and unique world of team officiating, focusing on effective communication, decision synchronization, and game management. The course will provide valuable insights, strategies, and best practices for optimal team performance, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and fairness in officiating. By the end of the course, referees will possess the expertise and confidence to officiate seamlessly as a team, contributing to the overall success of rugby matches.

The Whole Picture: Enhancing Refereeing Judgment and Decision-Making with Scott Green

This course designed to elevate the game understanding of referees. Participants will dive into the nuances of the game, analyzing strategic elements, player dynamics, and tactical considerations. Through interactive sessions, video breakdowns, and practical scenarios, referees will enhance their ability to interpret gameplay situations, anticipate movements, and make informed decisions. Scott Green’s expertise and insights will provide valuable perspectives, enabling referees to develop their referee intelligence and improve their overall performance on the field. By the end of the course, participants will possess a heightened game understanding that will positively impact their officiating capabilities.

Mastering Scrum Refereeing: Techniques and Strategies for Effective Officiating with Jamie McGregor

This advanced course is tailored for referees seeking to enhance their skills in managing scrums. Participants will delve deep into the technical aspects of scrum engagement, body positioning, and scrum communication, with a focus on ensuring a fair contest and player welfare. Through a combination of theoretical instruction, practical exercises, and video analysis, referees will refine their ability to make accurate decisions, maintain stability, and effectively communicate with front-row players. The course will provide valuable insights and strategies for managing scrum collapses, illegal binds, and other scrum-related issues. By the end of the course, referees will possess the knowledge and techniques to expertly manage scrums, elevating their officiating capabilities and contributing to a successful and fair game.

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