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TRU Men’s D4 and Women’s D3 Division Regulations

TRU Men’s D4 and Women’s D3 Division Regulations

Updated June 2023

These growth-oriented divisions are intended to encourage clubs to field developmental sides in addition to the sides they field in USA Rugby National Championship Competition, and to provide a division for small and newly formed clubs to build towards inclusion in USA Rugby National Championship Competition

As this league operates outside the Red River Competition we are TRU only divisions, we still recommend that all clubs familiarize themselves with the Resources page and the Operating Policies in addition to the below policies. Clubs are still responsible for all normal policies.

Men’s D4 Competition Rules:

  • North (DFW), South (Houston metroplex) and Central (Austin metroplex) Divisions
  • Playoff format published annually on TRU website
  • All matches will be included in USA Rugby’s Competition Management System (currently Rugby Xplorer) and all policies surrounding CMS* will be followed:

Player eligibility:

  • All players must be registered with USA Rugby and TRU.
  • Teams may borrow guest players from other teams without the match being declared a forfeit. Players must be of age to play Senior grade rugby and must be Registered.
    • Guest players name and Registration Number will be “written in” after the roster is printed and presented to assigned referee
  • No limitations on player movement for multi-side clubs, and games may be played before or after upper division matches.
  • No guest players may be used in the playoff rounds.
  • To compete in the playoffs, a player must have played in at least two (2) league matches for their playoff club. Clubs and players may request an eligibility waiver from the TRU competitions committee, as appointed by the TRU Board.
  • Mid-Season Registration Transfers from MD4/WD3 to Upper Division Clubs
    • To allow players who are registered with TRU Men’s D4-only (“MD4”) or Women’s D3-only (“WD3”) clubs, and who want to try playing at a higher level of fifteen-a-side rugby, an opportunity to apply to transfer their registrations to a different TRU club that plays in a USA Rugby national championship pathway.
      • A player may apply to the Transfer Subcommittee (a joint subcommittee of the Red River Competitions Committee and TRU Board) for a transfer their registration from an MD4-only or WD3-only club to a different club that plays in divisions in the USA Rugby National Championship pathway provided:
      • The player is released by the President of their current MD4 or WD3 club;
      • The President of the club to which the player is transferring approves of the transfer;
      • The TRU Disciplinary Committee confirms the player is not subject to any disciplinary sanction;
      • The player submits a statement as to his/her reasons for requesting a transfer;
      • The Transfer Subcommittee approves the transfer as meeting the purposes of the Rule; and
      • USA Rugby approves the Transfer Sub Committee’s recommendation to approve the transfer.
    • Transferring players must request a transfer by March 15.
    • Transferring players seeking to play with their new clubs in the USA Rugby playoffs must meet all match minimum eligibility requirements with their new clubs without reference to the matches played with the clubs from which they transferred.
    • A player who is allowed to transfer under this Rule may return and play with his or her MD4 or WD3 team and not be treated as a “guest player” under the TRU’s eligibility rules of MD4/WD3.

Point system for regular season matches:

4 pointsWin
2 pointsDraw
1 pointScore 4 tries
1 pointLose by less than 7
1 pointBonus point if an 80 minute 15-a-side match is played with only players registered to your club.
-1 pts +potential fine Unplayed forfeit with fine per TRU policy.

Based on performance (including forfeits and use of guest players), clubs may be eligible for promotion to RRRC divisions RRRC sides may be relegated to TRU competition, per RRRC promotion-relegation policies.

Women’s D3 Specific Competition Rules

The women’s D3 generally follows the above guidelines but also uses the linked specifications.