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2019 RRRC Competitions Committee – Elections

Per the new RRRC Terms of Reference the RRRC Competitions Committee must hold periodic elections. Historically the elections were held in the summer but with the majority of the committee’s work taking place at the same time it was confusing and cumbersome. As a result the elections will now take place in the spring.

All members will now be elected on two year cycles. The committee has opted to put up half the seats for election this year and the other half will take place in spring 2020. The seats that are up for election this year includes members that have served the longest. This is not in an effort to clean house but rather to allow for new members if constituents so desire.

Nominations are open as of this posting and can be sent to admin@texasrugbyunion.com. The nomination window will close January 11 (extended due to the holidays) and nominees will be posted to the website no later than January 14. Nominees will have an opportunity for a few words and to answer any questions on the TRU Virtual AGM on January 27, 2019

NOTE: Nominees must be CIPP’d registered with the TRU and in good standing to be accepted.

Voting will take place digitally and a ballot will be sent to all Club Presidents (in good standing) on January 28. Results will be certified by RRRC Chairman David Dodge and TRU Admin Wendy Young and posted to the TRU website no later than Feb 5.

Current Seats up for Election

  • MD1 – Kolberg
  • MD2 – Hunter
  • MD3 – Hughes
  • WD1 – Young
  • 7s – Keuppens

Seats up for Election in 2020

  • MD1 – Dale
  • MD2 – Tolar
  • MD3 – Kurylas
  • WD2 – Fosco
  • At-Large – Watson (Chair appoints)
  • Chair – Dodge (Chair still elected by members of Committee)

Nomination and Election Process

Dec 17: Call for nominations; closes Jan. 11 (extended due to the Holidays)
Jan 14: Nominations posted to the TRU website for review
Jan 27: Nominees can speak on the TRU Virtual AGM and answer questions if desired
Jan 27 (at close of AGM): Online voting opens, voting ballot will be sent to Club Presidents via email
Feb 5 (at 5pm): Voting closes
Feb 8 (no later than): Election results posted on TRU Website

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