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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 12/10/2018

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Kurylas
    3. Kolberg
    4. Dodge
    5. Dale
    6. Tolar
    7. Hunter
    8. Fosco
    9. Hughes
      1. Regrets
  2. Follow up
    1. Book check schedule / assignments
      1. North:
        1. 12/8/18 – Blacks D2 @ DARC – Dodge / Weather issues
      1. Central:
        1. 12/15/18 – Riveters @ Valks D2 – Young
        2. 12/15/18 – CC Crabs @ Huns D3 – Young
      2. South:
        1. 12/15/18 – Quins D1 @ West Houston D1 – Nezat
    2. USA Rugby Championships
      1. Round of 8 Hosting Applications
        1. Dodge: My understanding is that the Austin Blacks are putting one in.
        2. Young: West Houston is also considering a bid.
        3. Kolberg: The Northern teams are considering a bid as well.
        4. Dodge: Does anyone know of a deadline for bids?
        5. Young: I don’t believe so, but I assume it is ASAP. With Geib out and the reshuffle, things are a bit off at the National Office.
      2. USA Rugby Finals
    3. Upcoming Elections – TRU AGM on Jan 27
      1. 2019
        1. MD1 (Odd Year) – Kolberg (has served longer than Dale)
        2. MD2 (Odd Year) – Hunter (replaced Turner through special election, and Turner had served longer than Tolar)
        3. MD3 (Odd Year) – Hughes (has served longer than Kurylas)
        4. WD1 (Odd Year) – Young (has served longer than Fosco)
        5. 7s (Odd Year) – Keuppens (previously an appointed position)
          1. Dodge: Under the new TOR we need to have periodic elections for the positions on the committee. So I went ahead and split up the committee with alternating terms. The folks that have been on the longest are up for re-election first. We’re going to leave open one at-large spot as traditionally that has been held by someone outside the TRU. With the departure of Glendale, I am going to appoint someone from the MD4 and WD3. That will be up to the discretion of the Chair going forward. We want to have those folks have some representation as well. If we had another team enter from outside the TRU then that seat would go back to the discretion of the current Chair.
          2. Young: So the 7s rep is now electable?
          3. Dodge: Yes. I don’t anticipate the structure of that, it is now an elected position instead of an appointed one. It alternates with the At-Large Competitions Seat that Ron Watson currently holds. We want to make sure we’re not turning over the entire committee and have continuity.
          4. Kolberg: I motion to approve.
          5. Kurylas: Second.
          6. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.
            1. Dodge: Wendy, can you post nominations and leave them open for 30 days? Candidates can also speak at the virtual AGM on January 27. Then electronic voting would be open for 5 business days.
            2. Young: Yes. I will be posting about the AGM date first and then can post this.
      2. 2020
        1. MD1 (Even Year) – Dale
        2. MD2 (Even Year) – Tolar
        3. MD3 (Even Year) – Kurylas
        4. WD2 (Even Year) – Fosco
        5. At-Large (Even Year) – Watson
        6. Chair (Even Year) – Dodge (Chair still elected by members of Committee)
    4. DFW Referee Clinic – Interest form:  L100 REF Interest Form. Sign up form: L1 Officiating
      1. Dodge: We have a referee clinic coming up on January 5 in the DFW area. We really want to be pushing this, please share on social media. The course is $75 and there are opportunities for scholarships if needed. So far we have a ton of interest from DARC but we really need to be pushing this hard with all of the teams in the North.
    5. Weather Cancellations
      1. Young: We had a ton of cancellations this weekend and TRRA and I were only told about one of them before and one afterwards. If weather causes a cancellation the home team is required to notify the TRU admin, any assigned referees, referee scheduler (Scott Green) and their opponents ASAP. If notifications are not sent or don’t include the right individuals than there can be additional sanctions. See the TRU Operating Procedures: https://texasrugbyunion.com/administration/operating-policies/.
      2. Dodge: Right, this is not a new rule and its not like the rain snuck up on us this weekend. I know everyone is always keeping their fingers crossed to see if they can play, but we need to do a better job. The obligation is on the home team to reach out to all the required parties.
    6. Disciplinary
      1. Dodge: I’ve been keeping tabs on yellow and red cards…not to many red cards have come through. All in all it looks like there is decent compliance across the board.
    7. New Business
      1. None.
  1. Meeting Adjourned (8:24 PM)
    1. Young: Motion to adjourn.
    2. Kolberg: Second.