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TRU Board Notes – 3/18/2019

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Kurylas
    3. Tate
    4. Dodge
    5. Green
    6. Hiller
    7. James
      1. Regrets
        1. Tomsak
  2. Follow ups
    1. Forfeits
      1. 3/15 Reds II vs Quins II / Quins II forfeit
      2. 3/16 San Marcos II vs Galveston II – Galveston forfeits again (this was rescheduled from January already)
      3. 3/16 Grand Prairie vs Denton / Denton forfeit / UNPLAYED
        1. Young: This one will go in as a Denton forfeit, I will update CMS tonight.
      4. 3/16 Austin Valkyries II vs BARC / BARC forfeit
        1. Green: There wasn’t a cancellation form for this one and a referee was assigned.
        2. Tate: Ok, so we need to assess a fee to BARC (W) as they didn’t complete the correct paperwork.
        3. Green: Let me double check with Rebekkah and see if she was notified before we assess the fee.
      5. 3/16 DARC II vs Fort Worth II / DARC II forfeit / UNPLAYED; considering dropping their D4 side
      6. MD4 Forfeits
        1. Young: Marcus Leming and Hunter Nezat emailed me this week and have concerns about San Antonio and West Houston D4. They are both having numbers issues with multiple sides. DARC II is in the same boat.
        2. Tate: Yes, if we have early notice I’d rather mark these matches as cancelled and move on. We don’t want to fine these D4 clubs and just want the games to happen if they can. We don’t want to lose players or lose sides because of cancellations. In the upper divisions it’s a bigger deal, but this is about development. If a MD4 or WD3 doesn’t cost anyone any money (referee costs), I’m OK with a cancellation. Anyone have an objection to that?
          1. Tate: Looking at the South standings, West Houston and San Antonio only have 2-3 matches left and are #1 and #3 respectively…surely they can make those last few matches happen.
          2. Young: OK, I’m going to dig in with Marcus and Hunter a bit more to see if we can finish out this season. I’ll loop Kirk in as you weren’t initially included.
        3. Young: The other issue is that DARC II is considering cancelling the rest of their season as well.
        4. Tate: That leaves 5 teams in the North and they should be OK. I don’t think we need to reorganize if they forfeit, we may have just let those results stand. I don’t know that they are going to affect things very much.
        5. Kurylas: I think the big thing is that they don’t do the return trip to Abilene.
        6. Tate: Correct, I agree. That is crummy if the return trip doesn’t happen.
        7. Young: I know DARC II was trying to make the trip Abilene trip, I will encourage them to try and do that.
        8. Dodge: With us moving the TRU playoffs to the same weekend as RRRC, that opens up more weekends for reschedules and such.
        9. Tate: I’m inclined to push back on both these clubs and see if we can make these last few matches happen.
    2. WD3 Changes (again)
      1. Young: The San Antonio Armadillos have dropped out as most of their players have moved over to play with the Riveters (D2). This is a good development, but we’re sad to see the Armadillos go. That leaves us with McAllen in the South, and OKC/Alliance in the North. I’ve already sent all the women’s contacts to McAllen and he reached out and heard nothing back.
      2. Tate: If anyone on the phone has a brilliant idea, please lay it on us. How many games has McAllen played this year?
      3. Young: One, a played forfeit against Alliance.
      4. Dodge: I’m seeing a lot of cancelled matches on CMS?
      5. Tate: The women’s D3 teams just didn’t happen this year, half the teams have folded. Unfortunately now it’s not a sustainable geographic distribution.
        1. Tate: What conversations do we have about Bay Area?
        2. Young: They are actually doing quite well, they did have a reschedule this past weekend but they are already looking at new dates with their opponent.
        3. Tate: Ok, so if BARC was going to fold, we could have slotted McAllen into their schedule.
        4. Young: Yes, but BARC is going to finish their schedule. I don’t know if we scrap the WD3 schedule and do two tournaments? Either way, someone is traveling very far…even if we host it in DFW.
        5. Tate: Ok, Austin Valks II have a few games left…and so does everyone else in D2. Maybe we can get a game between Valks II and McAllen?
        6. Young: I can start some conversations between Valks and McAllen, maybe they can come up during the Gold Cup matches…
        7. Tate: Yea, I don’t know what else to do besides McAllen traveling to Dallas or maybe finding a match with Valks II or Bay Area…
        8. Young: It’s a really tough situation, McAllen has lots of players and want to play games.
    3. RRRC/TRU Championships
      1. Host Recommendation from RRRC
        1. Tate: I understand that the RRRC committee has recommended Dallas as the bid host for the TRU/RRRC Championships.
        2. Dodge: Yes, it was a 7-3 vote for Dallas.
        3. Young: I have to bring up the same concerns I did on the RRRC call, Dallas will be a very very expensive referee bill. Most referees and ARs will need to be brought in. Austin is the easiest, Houston is second and Dallas is third as far as referee resources.
        4. Tate: Yes, that is a valid concern. We’re going to be incurring costs for referees in the middle to make that travel and hotel costs (2 nights). As long as we understand that we’re accepting that additional cost, we have to do that. The alternative is to go back to one of the bids that was found to be less appealing.
        5. Hiller: What were to the other bids?
        6. Dodge: West Houston at Aveva Stadium (Houston Sabrecats) and Austin (Austin Blacks). West Houston received three yes votes but there were concerns about not having a back-up location (rain out) and construction delays.
        7. Kurylas: Another concern is that we’d have to work around a 4pm MLR match. That complicates things as far as the schedule.
        8. Tate: We do have a preference to rotate locations each year and we know that if we go with the RRRC recommendation it is going to cost us more money.
          1. Tate: So the motion is to approve the RRRC recommendation of Dallas (Dallas Reds at Lake Highlands) for the TRU/RRRC Championships.
          2. Young: A quick update on Houston, turf is down and construction is looking to be on-time and would be completed well ahead of our Championships.
        9. Tate: Ok, let’s do a quick roll-call:
          1. Dodge: Yes
          2. Kurylas: Yes
          3. Hiller: Yes
          4. James: Yes
          5. Tate: Yes
            1. Yes: 5, No: 0, Abstain: 2. APPROVED.
  3. RRRC 7s Referee Contract
    1. Tate: Scott and I talked earlier in the year and I know that Keuppens and Dodge have been having more recent agreements. There was a RRRC proposal that went out today and Scott had some questions on that.
    2. Green: I wanted the committee to know that the proposed amount was a bit lower than what we’ve seen in the past. 5-6 center referees is correct and a referee manager would need to be included. The center referees wouldn’t be ARing throughout the day though, they are there to be center referees. So I wanted to make it known that ARs should be included and would be a separate expense. TRRA isn’t going to be billing clubs either, the TRU has to take responsibility for the bill.
    3. Tate: For the qualifiers, the TRU is responsible for the referee fees (RRRC and/or social) and we are requesting a host deposit. The deposit is intended to cover the hybrid bracket situation.
    4. Green: Also note that we won’t be assigning social referees to tournaments, clubs will need to find them on their own.
    5. Tate: Ok, so TRRA is covering RRRC 7s, but clubs need to find referees for TOLA?
    6. Green: Correct.
    7. Dodge: What is a referee manager paid?
    8. Green: They are there the entire day, so $200. Really think of them as an additional referee.
    9. Tate: Ok, what about ARs? How many usually come and what is the cost?
    10. Green: I’m thinking the likelihood of us even finding ARs may become difficult. The finals will be fully covered but we will need help from the clubs for pool play etc. Typically an AR would do 5-6 games a day and so that would be $100 per AR.
    11. Dodge: I’ll talk to the 7s sub-committee and see what they think about ARs and help from clubs.
    12. Tate: Let me make sure we’ve checked all the boxes, referees are $200/day and we anticipate 5-6 per stop. If we have to bring in a referee from out of state, we would cover travel expenses (hotel/flight).
    13. Green: Correct, we may need to bring in out of state referees to cover some of the stops. Those travel fees will be charged to the TRU.
    14. Tate: Then if we’re going to look at doing ARs sourced by clubs, that helps bring the costs down as well. Scott, any other referee concerns you want to talk about?
      1. Green: Yes, on 15s we’re making it through the season but we’re really taking a big hit in the North. The travel bill to the TRU is going to be huge as we’re sending 2-3 referees up to Dallas almost every weekend.
      2. Dodge: Is there a place on the web that includes a step by step for how referees can sign up for WTR and getting going?
      3. Green: Yes, the TRRA website has step by step instructions and Kat Roche handles all new referees signups.
      4. Young: https://texasrugbyref.com/whos-ref-trra-user-guide/
    15. Dodge: The current proposal is a $300 host deposit, listening to what Scott said, that may be a bit low. It’s a formula that is basically an average from last year.
    16. Tate: Let’s leave it at $300 right now and we’ll carry on.
    17. Dodge: I move that clubs that bid on hosting RRRC 7s spots are required to pay a $350 down payment that covers a portion of the referee costs for the hybrid/TOLA style brackets. If your tournament stop has a hybrid bracket, the host club would be responsible for picking up 60% of the referee fees or whatever was billed. The deposit would go against those referee costs. If the costs are below $350, they would receive a refund etc.
      1. Tate: What we’re hearing now is that a number for $350 or $400 may be more appropriate based on what we just heard from Scott.
      2. Dodge: We don’t want to be cost prohibitive.
      3. Tate: I don’t want to build in a cost that would dissuade a club from wanting to host. So I’d like to depend on you guys to see on who you think might be wanting to bid?
      4. Young: Houston has already asked about hosting.
      5. Dodge: I see it as one team’s entry fee on average.
      6. Tate: Do we want to go $400 to be safe?
      7. Dodge: Let’s split the difference, $350.
      8. Tate; I think this will help with the TRU having to chase clubs for referees costs after the season. Do we have any additional discussions? None. Do we have any objections? None. APPROVED.
        1. Young: I’ll update the website.
  4. 3/9 Galveston vs Woodlands – Woodlands ineligible player?
    1. Dodge: Apparently a college player played for Woodlands. The player received a yellow card and CMS was left blank for that player. Woodlands lost the match pretty handily and Galveston hasn’t expressed any interest in any competitive sanction.
    2. Young: Hughes was reaching out, I’ll check with him to see if he got an update.
    3. Tate: Sounds like a fine might be in order. But we need to get confirmation on if it was an ineligible player. Do we have a discipline report?
    4. Young: Not yet, I can gather all that and submit it.
    5. Tate: Ok, once we’ve confirmed it, we can have an email vote and see if we’re going to apply the policy or not. Any objections to that approach? None.
  5. USA Rugby Governance Reform Survey
    1. Tate: USA Rugby has sent out a survey that they are trying to get everyone to fill out. It’s really questions about how well do you know how the National Office is structured, are you happy with how they are working? I have filled it out and would encourage everyone else to do the same.
    2. Dodge: I’ve reviewed it but was confused about some of the questions…are we supposed to supply answers based on pre-reorganization or current state?
    3. Tate: Yes, I struggled with that as well, but answered to the best of my ability.
    4. Young: I’ll also post to the website.
  6. WD1 Restructure Update
    1. Young: I attended a call tonight and we’re continuing the discussion about a WD1 restructure for 2019-2020. Essentially they are going back to the old CR2 format where we played teams in the Rocky Mountains and Mid-America. Currently the proposal is a Mountain/West and would include 8 teams (Santa Monica, Belmont, Tempe (AZ),  Denver, Glendale, Salt Lake,Houston Dallas and Austin //Tuscon may move up). Play would be home or away and then lead to a 4 team playoff.
    2. Tate: What happens to Gold Cup?
    3. Young: It goes away after this year.
    4. Tate: Have the Valkyries, HARC and Quins made aware of these proposed changes?
    5. Young: Yes, I held a conference call in December but will need to give an update on the most recent developments. I will give them all an update.
    6. Tate: Great, my concern is that a decision is being made at the top and we don’t want a negative trickle down without buy-in from the clubs.
    7. Young: Agree, initially all 3 D1 clubs were on board. The only change is that we merged the proposed Mountain and West divisions.
    8. James: So we would play each team once?
    9. Young: Yes and we’re talking about a two year schedule where we would know return trips since we’re talking about home or away.
    10. Dodge: Do you know if Margy is putting this up as a proposal for the USA Rugby NCC call on Wed?
    11. Young: I believe she was going to give an update, some of the MidWest teams are still in discussion. We’re already talking about scheduling work sessions so we can give the teams as much notice on proposed schedules.
  7. New Business
    1. May-June Referee Courses
      1. Tate: We need to try and capture some new referee blood before 7s starts.
      2. Green: Yes, 7s is a perfect training ground for fall 15s.
      3. Dodge: What if we do that weekend before RRRC Championships?
      4. Young: Ok, we can try and shoot for that or another weekend in early May-June.
    2. USA Rugby Congress Meeting Schedule
      1. Tate: Ron Watson let me know that Congress is changing their meeting schedule. They are moving from bi-annual meetings to once a year. The meeting is scheduled for the summer (July) and that may affect Dave Yeoman’s seat. Ron’s suggestion was that we may want to hold the election for Yeoman’s seat earlier than usual so they could attend the summer meeting. Dave has indicated with whatever we deem necessary.
      2. Dodge: I think with all the changes happening at the National Office, we should hold an earlier election.
      3. Hiller: Yes, I think that sounds fine.
      4. Tate: Wendy, do you see any issues with posting and seating a Congress rep before Bloodfest?
      5. Young: I’ll have to look at the last posting but I think we did reduce the nomination window from 30 days, so that should help speed things up.
      6. Tate: Ok, let’s look at that and see if we can get something posted soon.
    3. RRRC Men’s D2 Playoff Description
      1. Hiller: I’ve noticed that D2 still talks about a hybrid and appears to be out of date?
      2. Dodge: Yes, the RRRC has been discussing that, I believe we’ve sent updated language to Wendy.
      3. Young: Yes, I have that in my inbox and will get it updated.
    4. Summit
      1. Young: Looking at Dallas and working with the Dallas Harlequins. Waiting to get confirmation on a field and already looking at hotel locations. I emailed that San Antonio clubs and heard nothing back so we’ll go with Dallas.
  8. Meeting Adjourned (9:22 PM)