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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 4/8/2019

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:



  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Kurylas
    3. Tolar
    4. Dodge
    5. Kolberg
    6. Keuppens
    7. Hughes
    8. Watson
      1. Regrets
        1. Leming
        2. Fosco
  2. Follow ups
    1. MD3 Wild Cards – April 13
      1. Alliance vs McAllen
      2. Grand Prairie vs Galveston
        1. Kurylas: After this weekend, Alliance beat Grand Prairie for the North. McAllen and Galveston lost but had already qualified. The Blacks and HURT advance directly to the RRRC’s on May 4th/5th and following are the Wild Card matchups for this Saturday, April 13th. Young: I put these matches in WTR and CMS. Scott has been alerted as well for referees.
        1. Dodge: What time are these kicking off? Can we do book checks?
        2. Kurylas: 2pm. I’ve already gotten a call from Alliance about weather though.
        3. Hughes: I talked with Alliance this afternoon and they may need to have a later KO time as the fields are already booked. I believe Alliance has reached out to Grand Prairie to see if we can play at their field if there is weather.
        4. Kurylas: Hosting at Grand Prairie isn’t a problem, just need to work around existing schedules.
        5. Kolberg: We can also host, same deal it would be a later kick-off.
        6. Dodge: Ok, let’s tell Alliance that they need to make a call ASAP due to travel restrictions etc. Then we can make a decision and let everyone know all the details. John and Travis, can you handle book checks?
        7. Kurylas: Yes
        8. Hughes: Yes
    1. RRRC 15s
      1. Hotel
        1. Young: Dodge sent me the hotel info, I need to get the site updated and send it out to the teams.
      2. Broadcast
        1. Young: I’m having a really hard time finding someone to broadcast. The company that we used last year has been acquired and their business model is changing. I’ve got a few bid requests out but it doesn’t seem promising.
        2. Tolar: I heard you mention Next Level Rugby earlier on the call and I really like what they put out there.
        3. Young: Yes, they are working on a bid but I’m a bit nervous as they don’t do LIVE streaming, typically they do after production. So we may not be able to broadcast this year, we may have to video and upload to Youtube later.
          1. Young: UPDATE 4/12 – We’ve found someone! I’ll be signing a deal to have ALL matches streamed this week. Very exciting news.
      3. TENTATIVE Schedule
        1. Young: Here is the tentative schedule, if we go to a 4 team TRU MD4 that shifts everything on Saturday.
        2. Dodge: I have sent a proposed format for a four team SF but it doesn’t sound like most teams have the numbers for it. We’ll get the format squared away as quickly as we can. Also, the schedule shows the matches as staggered, is that normal?
        3. Young: We’ve done it both ways and have had feedback negative and positive every year. Happy to do whatever the committee would like to do!
      4. Reminders
        1. Young: I’ll get this ready for the website, includes reminders about eligibility, paperwork, book checks etc. Will also include everything in the Welcome Packet that will be sent to the clubs.
    2. RRRC 7s
      1. Host Bids
        1. Keuppens: We received a really good bid for the second tournament, HARC. Bad news is that we didn’t get a third bid option. I’d like to make a motion to approve HARC as the host bid for July 13.
          1. Kolberg: Second.
          2. Dodge: Any opposition? NONE. APPROVED.
        2. Keuppens: We haven’t received any bids for the July 27 tournament, per the USAR 7s group we have to have another qualifier. Several of us have been trying to get teams to bid but field availability has been an issue. If anyone has two or more fields and any interest of hosting, please reach out!
        3. Dodge: Does anyone know of anyone who has expressed interest in hosting?
        4. Kolberg: Yes, we have at Lake Highlands.
        5. Dodge: Lake Highlands fields will be closed after June 30 for seasonal maintenance.
        6. Tolar: I was talking to a Plano coach on Saturday and they have access to a turf field. Might be worth reaching out to them.
        7. Keuppens: Beggars can’t be choosers, but turf is VERY difficult in the summer.
        8. Dodge: Alright, I’ll reach out to Frank at Plano and see if we can shake the trees.
        9. Young: I know that sometimes that field rental cost is an issue, is that something that the TRU could consider subsidizing?
        10. Keuppens: Maybe, some of the colleges require a deposit. Another option is the Blacks or Huns in Austin…I know we already have Bloodfest scheduled but they both own their own fields.
        11. Dodge: Ok, if anyone has any ideas on the third qualifier, please have them reach out to Fil or anyone on the 7s sub-committee.
        12. Keuppens: We’re absolutely open to partnering with a youth or age grade clubs, they just need to co-host with a senior club and have two rugby fields available.
    3. May/June Referee Course?
      1. Young: We had talked about this on the last TRU call and I wanted to bring it up again. We didn’t have a clear plan of action.
      2. Dodge: I think we need to talk to Scott, the key thing is the ability is to get the referees trained after the course. If we did May/June, hopefully they would be doing some social 7s and working the sidelines of the RRRC 7s matches.
      3. Young: I’m just worried if we don’t put a name to this task, it’s not going to happen.
      4. Dodge: Is Scott delegating 7s to Kat again?
      5. Young: Yes, as far as I know.
      6. Dodge: Fil, would mind calling Kat and see if she’s got an idea of if she is going to coordinate with the social teams? If she is, is there an opportunity to get new referees involved?
      7. Keuppens: Yes, the other thing we’re thinking is that since we’re expanding rosters to 13, we’ll ask teams to provide a touch judge for pool play matches. That should reduce the resource strain on referees a bit (this will be for RRRC and TOLA).
      8. Dodge: Have you guys talked about a TOLA schedule yet?
      9. Keuppens: We will, but we’re focused on getting the 3rd qualifier location. Also, Wendy can you put together an all hands call for Apr 22? Open to anyone and everyone for RRRC and TOLA 7s.
      10. Dodge: We’ve also gotten a request for NOLA and OKC to participate in RRRC 7s. Fil is going to send them some details and the USAR Game Board would have to sign off as well.
      11. Keuppens: Also Phantom 7s (San Antonio) may be joining as well, but they will CIPP with the TRU as they’ve done in the past.
    4. Forfeits
      1. 3/16 Grand Prairie vs Denton / Denton forfeit / UNPLAYED
        1. It doesn’t appear that this match or 4/6 will be rescheduled.
      2. 4/6 Denton vs Shreveport / rained out / will not be rescheduled (no available weekends)
      3. Quins D2
        1. Young: In talking with Elaine it appears that they are going to forfeit the rest of the season. They are taking it week by week. They are up to 3 unplayed and 1 played forfeit.
        2. Dodge: We will really review this when it comes to promotion and relegation, the TRU will have to determine if they want to give any disciplinary sanctions.
        3. Young: Right, this is really just an FYI that I’ll put this on the TRU agenda for next week.
          1. Tolar: When is the promotion and relegation call?
          2. Dodge: Typically after Championships.
          3. Tolar: I think this year will be really interesting, we have contiguous side issues starting from D1 and going down. It will be tricky this year. I urge everyone to start thinking about their division and how it’s going to shake out.
          4. Kurylas: I put together a matrix last year, I’ll start looking at that again.
      4. CMS
        1. Young: I’m going to mark matches that haven’t been rescheduled yet as forfeits so the table standings are at least correct. Teams can and should continue to try and reschedule matches.
  1. WD1 Restructure Update
    1. Young: I attended a call a few weeks ago and we’re continuing the discussion about a WD1 restructure for 2019-2020. Essentially they are going back to the old CR2 format where we played teams in the Rocky Mountains and Mid-America. Currently the proposal is a Mountain/West and would include 8 teams (Santa Monica, Belmont, Tempe (AZ),  Denver, Glendale, Salt Lake,Houston Dallas and Austin // Tucson may move up). Play would be home or away and then lead to a 4 team playoff. I’ve given all of this info to the three teams that would be impacted so they can ask questions or give feedback.
    2. Dodge: The Gold Cup goes away with this format?
    3. Young: Yes, that goes away.
  2. New Business
    1. None
  3. Call Adjourned (9: PM)
    1. Watson: I move we adjourn.
    2. Kolberg: Second.