USA Rugby Transfer & Registration Deadline – April 1, 2022

We wanted to remind you about an important transfer and registration deadline, April 1, 2022 at 11:59 PM CST. Please note the following information applies to transfers for XV’s only. There are different deadlines for 7’s.


This deadline applies to you if:

  • you are currently registered with a club that is not the club you plan on playing with for the remainder of the XV Membership Cycle (ends August 31 annually)
  • you have not yet registered to the club you will be playing with for the remainder of the XVs Membership Cycle (ends August 31 annually)
  • you want to transfer to another club for any other reason

You must submit a transfer request to USA Rugby or register with USA Rugby  to initiate this process. If you have not registered with (or initiated a transfer request) your club by the specified deadline, you are not eligible for qualifying match competition for the remainder of that competitive cycle.

Remember that you must appear on the public roster of the club you hope to represent before April 1st.  Transfer request or waivers initiated before the April 1st deadline that are later approved, will be back dated to reflect the April 1st deadline.

If you are registered but desire a transfer, you must submit a transfer request to USA Rugby before 11:59 pm CST on Sunday April 1st. You will need to provide a club release stating your good financial and disciplinary standing. In the event you are changing Unions, you will additionally need a Union release.

Coaches and club administrators may view public rosters here

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