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2023 RRRC & TRU Championships – Call for Host Bids

The RRRC and TRU Championships will take place on April 22-23, 2022. We are officially requesting host applications at this time! 

The preliminary schedule calls for matches on Saturday and Sunday. Participating divisions are:

  • RRRC – Apr 23-24
    • Men’s D1 (Sunday finals)
    • Men’s D2 (Saturday semi-finals, Sunday finals)
    • Women’s D2 (Saturday semi-finals, Sunday finals)
    • Men’s D3 (Saturday semi-finals, Sunday finals)
  • TRU – Apr 24
    • Women’s D3 (TBC)
    • Men’s D4 (TBC)

WD1 plays in a cross-over league with Frontier teams and they will satisfy their Champion through league play.

RRRC / TRU reserve the right to change the schedule of matches on Red River Championship weekend to accommodate referee availability and selected venue constraints. A final schedule will be published after selection of a venue for the event.

Applications are due November 1 and will be reviewed by the RRRC Committee and TRU Board. A sub-committee will be formed once elections are finalized.

Hosts will be selected by December 1 and the announcement will be placed on the TRU website.

What does it mean to host a Championship event?

  • Hosts and administrators are committed to showcasing a safe and professional event!
  • All players, coaches and participants are covered under USA Rugby Insurance.
  • Event hosts ensure that all TRU & USA Rugby Safety Guidelines are followed.

Minimum Event Host Requirements:

  1. Ensure that the Event complies with all of TRU & USA Rugby’s safety requirements and guidelines, rules, regulations, policies, directives, decisions and all procedures set forth by USA Rugby are in effect at the time of the Event.
  2. Confirm that all participating clubs and all participating participants, including athletes, coaches, referees and officials are registered with USA Rugby.
  3. Reserve or obtain permission and all applicable permits from local jurisdictions for the use of fields, venues, facilities, etc.
  4. Conduct the event in accordance with the current competitive rules as specified in the applicable RRRC & USA Rugby rule book or World Rugby rules.
  5. Accept full responsibility for the management of this event and any parties it employs, recruits and contracts with to assist with the production of said Event, including but not limited to the supervision of paid and non-paid employees and volunteers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact admin@texasrugbyunion.com.