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TRU Board Meeting Notes – 6/19/23

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Hiller
    3. Kurylas
    4. Dodge
    5. Martin
    6. Tate
    7. McPhail
    8. Ohmann-Wilson
      1. Regrets
        1. Tomsak
  2. Promotion and Relegation 
    1. Appeals?
      1. Tate: McPhail, from what I understand we don’t have any appeals yet?
      2. McPhail: Correct, we have not seen any formally.
      3. Tate: We know there were some clubs relegated to MD3 and MD4 that may want to appeal that relegation. Part of that depends if there is an actual viable MD4 competition. The competitions committee is working on that. I’ve had conversations with McPhail who I know who has had conversations with other members of the competition committee and the affected clubs. The general consensus was that Travis Hughes was comfortable with regards to the schedule so we have a bit of time to continue looking at MD4. That may impact if clubs want to appeal after they see the makeup of the proposed divisions.
      4. McPhail: Agree, we’re talking with clubs via email, at Bloodfest and conversations will continue this week.
    2. MD4 Revitalization
      1. Review of MD4/WD3 Regulations
        1. Tate: There was a request from the Competitions Committee to review the regulations for MD4 because they haven’t been updated since COVID. We’ve got a conversation going on in the comments (red line version). Norton, Wendy and myself have all made comments. So, we’re working on revising or tweaking those guidelines. I would encourage everyone to review as it could impact clubs in your divisions if they are fielding second sides or being relegated. Then once we have all the comments we can pass that on to the competitions committee to review and adopt.
    3. Women’s
      1. Young: During the discussion led by KC Curl, the women’s representatives, including Whitney Ohmann-Wilson and Monique Fosco, along with mentor assistance from me, are exploring various options. As mentioned by KC during the RRRC call, they are taking a holistic approach to assess team development and determine the best means of support. Currently, three ideas are under consideration:
        1. Do nothing: Maintain the current structure without implementing any changes.
        2. Revamp: Evaluate the possibility of moving select well-performing D2 teams to D1, allowing other D2 teams more room for growth. The aim is to minimize travel for all teams whenever feasible.
        3. Hybrid: Building on a successful approach of using a hybrid competition from the past, it is recommended to modify the postseason format. Instead of the top two teams moving on to D1 and D2 Nationals, the proposal suggests that the top four overall teams compete at RRRC Championships. The top teams then engage in a semifinal for D1 qualification, while the next two teams compete for D2 qualification. This format was implemented by the Midwest region last year, resulting in positive feedback and development.
      2. Young: The women’s representatives are diligently examining these ideas to improve the structure and development of the teams, while prioritizing fairness and inclusivity. The committee appears to be favoring the hybrid option, which would enable all TRU teams to compete within the TRU for their league season. Additionally, a Super Regional tournament would be held for the postseason, although specific details are still being worked out. Also, to ensure a balanced approach, the committee intends to establish guidelines that encourage top-performing teams to view certain matches as opportunities for player development rather than solely focusing on winning by a large margin. 
      3. Tate: We had a MD1 and MD2 hybrid a long time ago and it was an excellent way to pave the perceived “distance” between those two divisions. It helped Quins and Huns move up. Then the D2 clubs go onto playoffs they will be better for it because they have played the best the TRU has to offer. 
      4. Young: Agree. This approach aims to reduce the perceived barriers to participating in D1, as all teams would have an accurate benchmark to assess their competitive standing. Furthermore, the proposed hybrid format is expected to better prepare all teams for the postseason by providing them with the highest level of competition available. This ensures that each team has the opportunity to face challenging opponents and enhance their overall performance.
    4. Super Regionals
      1. Tate: Wendy, I know the USAR Club Competitions Committee has been talking about the Nationals pathway. The USA Senior Club Council is discussing the formats for 2023-24 as well. I understand that there are thoughts around ensuring that all competitions go through a Super Regional. Currently our MD1 and WD1 do not attend the Gulf Coast Super Regional because they don’t have those divisions. The TRU will not agree to send our MD1 and WD1 to Super Regionals at different locations. We have been aligned with the West in the past and that worked out. Whatever the pathway is, we must have alignment with all of our teams.
      2. Young: Completely agree. We haven’t started discussing where Clubs would play yet as these conversations are just beginning.
      3. Dodge: Has there been any discussion of getting a D1 competition going in Florida for example?
      4. Young: Not at our committee level as we want the Regions to create their own structures. We would of course love a D1 for both genders in Florida if possible.
      5. Tate: OK, keep us apprised of these types of conversations. We will all keep making our positions clear when we can.
  3. Clubs not in good standing
    1. ORC – outstanding fines from 2022-23
    2. HTX – RX dues and Eligibility
      1. Young: HTX utilized the RX feature to manually register their players and pay dues monthly. This was a feature requested by most Youth programs and HTX is the first to take advantage of it in the TRU. At this time HTX owes $6,814 in member dues (total owed to USAR, SCC and TRU). They are not in good standing until this is resolved and not able to participate in 7s or further XVs events. I notified HTX on Jun 1 and 13, JT did respond quickly after the first notification but I haven’t heard anything further. As for the eligibility sanction I do not see that they registered for the Administration course at the Summit.
      2. Tate: So they are currently not in good standing with the USA and with the TRU?
      3. Young: Correct, they owe USAR and TRU member dues.
      4. Tate: Ok, they need to get that cleared up before the next cycle (September 2024). Can we also ask Jamie about turning off that feature? Our members need to pay dues and we wouldn’t support use of this feature in our Union.
      5. Young: Yes, I will check on that.
      6. Dodge: So that means SCC dues haven’t been paid?
      7. Young: Correct.
      8. Dodge: I didn’t even know that was an option. I’m hoping it is an opt in/out feature. That may be something we bring up the SCC.
      9. Young: Shawn, as they are not in good standings, this means they shouldn’t receive referee assignments. I don’t believe they are playing 7s but they would not be eligible for TOLA or RRRC as a result.
      10. Tate: Correct. They have not paid any dues that would cover referees and are not eligible for 7s either.
      11. Martin: Understood.
      12. Tate: Ok. We should determine how many players they have registered and then send them an invoice for the TRU portion of the dues. If they indicate that they’ve paid it to USAR then we can request proof and we can confirm with USAR.
      13. Young: Ok, I can send that invoice.
      14. Tate: They have received referee services all season long and have not paid the required dues.
      15. Young: That also means they can’t vote for Elections either, correct?
      16. Tate: Correct.
      17. McPhail: I drive by their office on a daily basis, should I make a friendly inquiry?
      18. Tate: Yes, that may be more impactful. If no one is bringing it up, they won’t act.
      19. McPhail: I will stop by tomorrow.
      20. Young: I have sent an invoice via Paypal to JT for the outstanding TRU dues amount ($3,820 of $6,814). They have $74 players ($50 TRU Member dues), 2 admins ($35 TRU Member dues) and 1 coach ($50 TRU Member dues).
      21. Young: The second part of this is that they have not responded to their sanction of sending people to the administrative course either.
      22. Tate: Understood. They need to get all of this resolved by September 1 or they risk not being eligible for the 2023-24 season.
    3. Fort Cavazos – Eligibility
      1. Young: I do not see that they registered for the Administration course at the Summit so they are 0/2 people.
    4. Fort Worth – Eligibility
      1. Young: Mike Sexton has registered for the Administration course so they are 1 of 2 for required attendees. He has mentioned that they will be sending more folks, they are making arrangements and are confident that they will fulfill their sanction.
    5. OKC Tribe – Eligibility
      1. Young: Rod Puentes has registered for the Administration course so they are 1 of 2 for required attendees.
  4. Disciplinary
    1. Judicial Office Training – Zach Hiller
      1. Hiller: I’m headed out to Atlanta in the middle of July for this training. The general plan is to leave that training as a certified Judicial Officer for USAR. We did have a large amount of appeals and several of them did go up to USAR. I feel like with the training we will get better alignment for all the levels and the process will be a bit more streamlined Nationally. 
      2. Tate: That is an effort that is coming from the top down as well. This isn’t just for the TRU, across the country discipline has been idiosyncratic. We’re trying to streamline and standardize it across the country and the training is a part of that effort.
      3. Hiller: Yes, there are three different trainings across the country. I am attending the “South” training and am excited to go and meet others in that region.
      4. Martin: I had a referee who submitted their name to attend one of these training sessions. I received a note from USAR HP that individuals have to be nominated by the Union or Competitions Committee.
      5. Tate: That is an interesting point Shawn, if the message coming down from the National level (includes the SCC) is that it has to come from a Union…I don’t know that anyone contemplated LROs requesting admittance. We nominated Zach and I think the goal is to train disciplinary officers, not just people. So if you won’t be a disciplinary officer then you don’t need to go through this training. If a referee wants to be a part of our disciplinary committee then that referee should talk to Zach Hiller and Scout Courtney.
      6. Martin: Does the TRU DC need any referee input?
      7. Tate: I believe you recently gave us a name from TRRA.
      8. Hiller: Yes, but I could use some new names for the appeals panel. As the appellate leader I don’t get a vote but I help the panel navigate the process. I am always looking for new people.
      9. Martin: But that is a panel that is formed when needed?
      10. Hiller: Yes.
      11. Tate: But we’ve always had a “pool” of available folks that have experience doing discipline because then they can be promoted to the official DC when needed. It also makes sure we have unbiased folks because the “pool” is made up of many folks and we can avoid conflicts of interest.
      12. Martin: Totally understand and am supportive of that. 
    2. Complaint of an off-field incident
      1. Tate: We have a complaint of an offside incident at a social 7s tournament earlier this year. This was not a RRRC qualifier or TOLA event. An individual was not allowed to participate. Scot is looking at if the individual is a participant of the event or not, what are the guidelines. He has reached out to USAR on proper procedure and decisions around an incident like this. We have let the folks that filed the complaint know that it is progress. For the purpose of the minutes we wanted to let everyone know that it is being looked at but there is no action or resolutions taken at this time.
    3. 7s Tournaments
      1. Young: Shawn and I exchanged emails about if disciplinary cards should be filed from 7s tournaments. My understanding is that they should be.
      2. Tate: Yes, we need all cards but especially reds as they could affect future tournaments.
      3. Martin: Yes, over the weekend Cole tried to submit a report through Who’s the Ref but it wouldn’t allow him. There had been another report already filed so he couldn’t do it?
      4. Young: Gotcha, now I understand. Yes, WTR treats tournaments differently. For the summer I would recommend that referees use the Manual Disciplinary Report.
      5. Young: Don’t yellows also compound?
      6. Tate: Do they?
      7. McPhail: If they are foul play I believe they can. 
      8. Young: Reading the guidelines…here is the text/link:
        1. Upon a player’s being Ordered Off/Red Card, or receiving two (2) Temporary Suspensions/Yellow Cards for foul play during an Event or three (3) Temporary Suspensions/Yellow Cards for foul play during a competition, the player is automatically suspended from further play in the Event or Competition for 8 days (or the next available match) until the Event DC or Competition DC reviews the situation and determines if and when the player may play further during the event. If additional sanction is determined, the sanction will be updated.
      9. Tate: Ok, so we need to look at this and refer it to Fil and Scot to determine what the regulations demand.
      10. McPhail: The red cards should be sent as soon as possible. 
      11. Young: The form is mobile friendly but if there are things we can do to make it easier, just let us know!
  5. Membership Numbers
    1. Tate: Thank you for sharing these numbers, obviously part of the drop in membership from the 2019-20 to to 2021-22 was COVID. The other factor was also that the women’s colleges left the TRU to join the NCR. 
    2. Young: The women’s college numbers were in the high 200s I believe.
    3. Tate: Right, so not ALL of that drop in almost 700 was due to COVID, some of it was due to teams that didn’t fold but left the TRU. Having said that, we know that we had teams that folded and didn’t return (San Marcos) and we know that we had teams that came back with reduced numbers. But then we see a rebound in this year and we still have until August. We’re about 500 below where we were pre-COVID. So we’re really only about 200 Senior Club players below pre-COVID. We’re almost back to where we were. This is something that McPhail and I talked about earlier today, when we talk about forfeits and club numbers…we’re almost at the point where we’re past COVID. Moving forward (knock on wood), we’ll be looking at all of these issues in a more traditional way and not ascribing it to COVID. We’ll continue our focus on club administration, coaching decisions, coaching, schedule, travel, competitive imbalances…all the things that we all know affect player retention. As we move forward into next year with our decisions about competitions and other policies we are back to business as usual. I also think that these numbers are seeing Nationwide Dodge?
    4. Dodge: Yes, I believe that is the case. There are divisions that are still battling back like MD3 and the Women. 
    5. Tate: Yes, we definitely saw the interruption from COVID seemed to hit the smaller and women’s clubs harder than everyone else. They are bouncing back but it is taking them longer.
  6. Grants
    1. Ireland Pelletier, Gabrielle Norman and Rebekah Williams – Central South U23s
      1. Tate: Are these TRU registered members? 
      2. Young: Ireland appears to be the only registered member as they are with Round Rock Rage.
      3. Tate: Ok, so if they are TRU members we can review their grant requests but if they are not we would grant it. Typically we give $250, right?
      4. Young: Yes.
      5. Hiller: I motion that we give $250 for Ireland to participate in the Central South U23s.
      6. Ohmann-Wilson: Second.
      7. Tate: Any more discussion? None. Any objections? None. APPROVED.
        1. Tate: We wish the best of luck to Ireland the team!
    2. Central South U23s TRU Sponsor
      1. Young: They’ve also asked if the TRU would like to be a sponsor of the team.
      2. Tate: We don’t have a budget for sponsoring non-Union activities at this time. If I am speaking out of turn…please let me know. I’m not hearing any objections from the Board.
    3. Zachary Hiller – USAR Disciplinary Training
      1. Tate: As we previously discussed Zach Hiller will be attending the USAR Disciplinary Training weekend in the South region. Zach, what are your costs looking like?
      2. Hiller: It will be about $450 all in with flight and parking.
      3. Dodge: I motion for a $250 grant.
      4. Kurylas: I second.
      5. Dodge: I amend the motion to be $450.
      6. Kurylas: Second.
      7. Tate: Anymore discussion? None. Any objections? None. APPROVED.
  7. New Clubs
    1. Collin County Copperheads (XVs M)
    2. Houston Chupacabra (XVs M)
    3. Waco Wombats (XVs M)
    4. Dallas Diablos (XVs M asking for readmittance)
    5. Hill Country Blues (XVs/7s M Kerrville, TX)
    6. HEB (7s W)
      1. Tate: We have a bunch of new clubs and a few that are requesting re-admittance.
      2. Young: Hansel has been taking front on this, from my memory Collin County Copperheads and Houston Chupacabra have made it the farthest. Waco did send some information today as well. I see that HEB is in RX but hasn’t finished their registration (payment and adding of coach). Kurylas: HEB didn’t finish their registration because it was a few extra steps from what I understand. They played the first tournament registered under Grand Prairie.
      3. McPhail: As far as I understand they are the only women’s team that has put their hands up to attempt to try and go to 7s Nationals. However, they need to be registered correctly in RX.
      4. Young: They are set up in RX but have not paid the dues, don’t have a coach and they have no registered players. If they are registered then they need to begin requesting transfers. They would need to let me know who the admin will be so I can give them permissions. UPDATE 6/21: HEB has now paid their registration in RX and we are seeing transfer requests coming through as well.
      5. Tate: They need to get it all done by July 1 as that is the deadline.
      6. McPhail: Understood.
      7. Tate: Ok for the other clubs, we haven’t had a Waco club since the 80s.
      8. McPhail: Can we put a soft deadline in place to get these clubs going? We are already talking about divisions and alignments.
      9. Tate: Yes, clubs need to get everything in place by June 30. That way we can discuss everything in the July RRRC and Board meetings.
      10. McPhail: Do we want to add a requirement that all of the clubs have to send someone to the Summit Administration course?
      11. Tate: Yes, I like that.
      12. McPhail: I would second that.
      13. Young: Do we have concerns about any of the regions that these clubs are in? They are pretty close to our major metro cities.
      14. Tate: I don’t think so, these are close enough to our big cities.My concerns would be if these clubs can really get the numbers since some of them are in small communities. If they get their paperwork in we can start to talk about registration number requirements. They are already posted on our website as well.
  8. XVs National Championships Recap
    1. Austin Blacks MD1: Winner over NY Old Blue 38-14
    2. Austin Blacks MD3: Winner over Colorado Springs 18-14
    3. sHARCs placed fourth after losing to 10-74 in SFs to SD Surfers (2nd overall)
      1. Tate: Congratulations to the Austin Blacks who won D1 and D3 XVs National Championships. sHARCs made it to the semi-finals but were eliminated. As far as Gulf Coast, the Tridents squeaked by San Antonio and ended up in the Final against the Barbarians. Knoxville Minx won D2. Gulf Coast has taken 3 of the 5 Nationals Titles in the last few years. It shows that the Gulf Coast is a strong Super Regional and our teams are being successful. As we measure ourselves against the National standard we are competitive and playing good rugby. I believe we are the 5th largest Union as well and we are in a healthy place.
  9. 7s
    1. Bloodfest Results
      1. Dallas won over Huns White 26-7; Detroit Tradesman placed third by beating Quins 12-10
      2. Faith Rugby Academy beat Badger Academy 21-10; sHARCs placed third over HEB 28-0
        1. Tate: Congrats to Dallas who took the first qualifiers and to Faith Rugby Academy. Huns took Lonestar and then Dallas won Bloodfest…this has happened for a few years now!
        2. McPhail: Yes, I think it’s the third time this has happened…weird!
        3. Young: I wanted to check the overall scoring before we post the results. Just waiting on a response from Fil.
        4. McPhail: He is traveling but expect him to answer soon.
        5. Young: Great, thanks!
    2. Registration Deadline – July 1, 2023
      1. Tate: We’ve been talking about this already but the deadline for registrations or transfers is July 1. This has been emailed to all members and posted to the website.
      2. Dodge: There was an email that went out from the USAR SCC about At Large registrations. I wanted to call that out. The reason that was included was that we saw a lot of Collegiate transfers to At Large instead of to a club. We felt that was in an effort to circumvent paying USAR registration dues. So to be eligible for Nationals they need to be registered with an actual Club.
      3. Tate: Do we have At Large designation?
      4. Young: We do. I see the transfer requests.
      5. Tate: Okay. I agree with this policy, they need to be TRU members so they are eligible. 
      6. McPhail: I’ll get with Phil and we will remind all the clubs.
    3. Nationals 8/12-13
      1. Tate: We don’t have a location yet but we know Fil is working on it. Rumor is it is on the east coast.
    4. 7s comps officer budget
      1. Tate: We received a request for a budget for a 7s Competitions Officer Budget. It was a small cost at $200 so I went ahead and approved it. We don’t have this in our budget so we need to talk it through. The overall request is $800 to cover hotel rooms so we can have a 7s Competition Officer to all of the events. We have traditionally tried to make due with people that were going to be at the event or find someone that was in the city that it was happening. However, that is not working anymore and we’d like to formalize this a bit more.
      2. McPhail: For example, Fil and I both came in for Bloodfest. That required us to be there on Friday evening and then eligibility checks were at 8am. Fil and I are not able to cover all the TOLA events but we are working to get those events covered as best we can. For next year there is talk of using match commissioners going forward…so this will continue to be a budget request.
      3. Tate: Understood, so this will more than likely be a recurring budget item. Let’s discuss.
      4. Dodge: I am in favor of it. Over the last 15 years 7s has become more structured and is a huge part of our Union. It’s different from XVs because generally teams have to be there early in the morning.
      5. Tate: Yes, and I believe that having good 7s competitions helps the Union overall. It drives registrations, clubs grow, we have a presence at the National level, referees get development…it is a good thing all around.
      6. Dodge: I move to approve the budget request of $800 for a 7s Competition Office for this summer.
      7. Hiller: Second.
      8. Tate: Any objections? None. APPROVED.
        1. Tate: McPhail, will you let Pfleger know? Also please send a copy to admin@texasrugbyunion.com.
        2. McPhail: I will.
  10. Summit – Aug 26 in Ft. Worth
    1. Young: We’ve opened registration for the Summit courses including our normal World Rugby Certification (Coach L1, Coach L2 (2-day), L1 Referee and L1 Strength and Conditioning). We have exciting additions this year! Introducing the Rugby Knowledge Pathways, a one-day course led by expert instructors, providing a deep dive into everything rugby. We’ve also teamed up with TRRA and USA Rugby Training and Education to bring you an unparalleled Referee Talent Development program, featuring Jamie McGregor and two MLR Referees. With nationwide interest, spots are expected to go quickly and we have 14 registrations so far. Register today to guarantee your place in this extraordinary opportunity.
    2. Tate: This is so exciting! We’ve wanted to do this for a few years and it’s finally happening. I am very impressed with the lineup. Please thank Traci for me and yourself as well. We’d like to see an uptick in registrations so we can keep the schedule as is.
    3. Sponsor – Aspire Chiropractic
      1. Young: We put out a sponsorship package and quickly received a Title Sponsor in Aspire Chiropractic. Traci deserves all the credit on this one!
      2. Tate: This is a huge benefit as we continue to work towards making this event a neutral cost event. If we have sponsorships then we can reduce registration costs so we aren’t burdening our members. Please thank Traci for this one as well!
      3. Young: We will accept other sponsors, so we ask that clubs share out the information.
  11. AGM – Aug 26 in Ft. Worth at 3pm
    1. Tate: As previously mentioned, we are having an in-person AGM this year. We haven’t had an in-person in a long time so we want to make sure everyone is coming. We are overdue to have a face to face meeting with our clubs. It’s also an opportunity for clubs to network and meet. Hopefully we will have a full slate of President candidates that can address the membership at the meeting.
    2. Young: TRU Board election for President will have an open forum at the AGM. Nominations will open July 25.
  12. HOF – Aug 26 in Ft. Worth 
    1. Class, DSA and Alan Sharpley
      1. Tate: The HOF committee announced the 2023 Class, winners of the Distinguished Service Awards, winner of the Alan Sharpley Memorial Award and the Honored Club. Congratulations to all and especially to our own David Dodge. 
      2. Young: I did receive a question from a TRU Board member as to why they didn’t get to give input this year? They were able to give input in the past.
      3. Tate: Yes, the HOF nomination process has changed. The nominations come in, the HOF membership selects the finalists and then those finalists go to a committee (TRU President, Regional appointees (elected)). So there is a sub-committee that does the evaluation of the finalists. The reason for that is we were finding that we needed to do a deeper dive of the qualifications. That was tough to do on a conference call with 30-50 people. We felt that the HOF had gotten large enough that we have evolved.
    2. Tickets
      1. Young: We’ve already sold over 135 tickets! We’ve never had this many tickets sell this fast and we anticipate that the event WILL SELL OUT. Don’t wait to get your ticket.
    3. Board Member Tickets – let Traci know by July 1
      1. Young: Traci needs to know who from the Board will be coming? You all get two free tickets. We would love to have everyone there. Since we are anticipating a sellout we need to know if you are attending by July 1.
      2. Tate: I will be there but will have to confirm if my wife will come at a later date.
      3. Dodge: I’ll be there!
      4. Martin: We anticipate that TRRA will purchase a table.
      5. Ohmann-Wilson: Two tickets for me please.
  13. Member Dues
    1. Dodge: The SCC continues discussions with the National office and there is a proposal on the table for a $10 dues increase for all members.
    2. Young: The Quarter Two Letter to the Community indicates it will be $10? You’re making it sound like it’s still open to discussion?
    3. Dodge: It is still in discussion.
    4. Tate: I would like to try and avoid a membership due increase in the same year that USAR makes a change. If we do think there will be a Nationals due increase, I would NOT prefer to raise our dues. But inflation is a real thing and we are being affected by it. At the very least the Board should look at this for next year.
    5. Dodge: Even if there is a $10 dues increase by USAR it wouldn’t surprise me if they did another bump next year as well.
    6. Tate: Ok, I will get the Financials from our Treasurer so we can make an informed decision. If we are going to make a change we need time to let the National office know so RX can be updated.
  14. Corporation Status
    1. Tate: We don’t have a determination letter for the 501c3. I want to recommend to the Board that we switch our operations to the new entity by August 31. That way the new President would take over a single entity instead of having to balance two. Hopefully that letter will come soon but this would be the best path forward. That does mean the new entity would need to adopt the current TRU Bylaws. I think it would be a shame if we didn’t take the time to amend the Bylaws. There have been some situations like ties because our Board numbers are even. I would like to hand off a single entity to my successor instead of two. We are already at 2 hours for this meeting so I would propose we continue discussions offline.
    2. Dodge: Are there any tax implications for wrapping up the old entity which isn’t 501c3?
    3. Tate: It is not 501c3 so I don’t believe there would be any tax implications.  It would mean we have to reconfigure RX with the new EIN and new bank account.
    4. Dodge: Do we have draft Bylaws for the new entity?
    5. Tate: Yes, we have those. We had to have them to request the new entity. We would need to review those and then the membership would need to approve as well. The changes we’re talking about won’t change Board positions or take anything away, it really means adding in procedures for ties and procedures for electronic notices.
    6. Dodge: I am good with continued discussions offline.
    7. Young: I believe approval would take 30 days…so we need to get going on this.
    8. Hiller: Sounds good.
    9. Ohmann-Wilson: On board.
  15. New Business
    1. USA Rugby Senior Club Council seeking committee members
      1. Tate: The USA Rugby SCC is seeking committee members for 7s, XVs, DEI, Governance and Eligibility. Nominations are currently open and will close July 1. We already have quite a few members on these committees but we can always add to it. We always want the TRU represented at the National level and this is another way to do it. If any of our members are interested, please nominate yourself.
      2. Young: I’ve posted to the website and it will go out on social media as well.
  16. Meeting adjournment (10:03 PM)