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2023 TRU President – Nominees & Voting

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to Kirk Tate for his exceptional leadership, unwavering compassion, and boundless enthusiasm that he brought to the role of President for the last remarkable nine years. Under his guidance, the TRU has been truly fortunate to witness the embodiment of our guiding mantra, “more people playing better rugby.”

Kirk’s visionary approach has fueled our collective efforts to not only uphold the values of rugby but also to enhance them. His drive led us to greenlight new clubs, facilitating an expansion of our rugby family. The commitment to register and train more coaches than ever before has not only enriched the knowledge base but also nurtured the growth of rugby talent. Thanks to his guidance, our membership numbers have rebounded to pre-COVID levels, reflecting the enduring spirit of our rugby community.

In addition to these achievements, Kirk’s collaborative efforts alongside various benefactors have borne fruit in the creation of the TRU Hall of Fame and the annual Summit Conference on the Game. These significant events have showcased the Texas Rugby Union on a national stage, reinforcing our reputation as one of the most progressive and engaging rugby unions in the United States.

Kirk, your legacy as President is a testament to your indomitable spirit, dedication, and passion for the sport. We are grateful for your incredible journey of leadership, and your contributions will resonate through the fabric of our union for years to come.

As one chapter concludes, a new one begins, and in this spirit, we invite you to consider these nominees for the next phase:



Voting rules:

For a valid decision, we require the participation of 2/3 of eligible clubs. A candidate must secure over 50% of the votes to be proclaimed the victor. In the event of a tie, the resolution will be determined by the TRU President, in accordance with the stipulations in the TRU Bylaws.

It’s important to note that each Club is entitled to one vote. Additionally, affiliated men’s and women’s Clubs are recognized as distinct entities and are granted independent voting privileges. For instance, both HARC and sHARCs each possess an autonomous vote.

Forum @ AGM

During the upcoming AGM on Saturday, a specific timeframe will be allocated for each candidate to address the TRU Membership present. TRU Members, Club Representatives, and Board Members are invited and encouraged to pose questions to the candidates, who are expected to provide succinct yet comprehensive responses. To ensure a structured and productive discussion, this segment will be overseen by current TRU Board members, facilitating an organized and efficient use of time.

Voting Collection & Confirmation:

After the TRU AGM, Wendy Young, TRU admin, will distribute a digital ballot to the Divisional Club Presidents currently listed on our TRU Contacts sheet. Drew Tomsak, Vice President, will provide support and verify the votes.

We are aware that many of you have recently elected new officers. This is a great chance to refresh and update your Club’s contacts with the TRU using our Team Contact Update form.

Review the previously posted Nomination and Election process here.

Nomination  Process:

  • Now – Aug 18: Nominees accepted
  • By Aug 23: Nominations posted to the TRU website for review
  • Aug 26: Forum at AGM at TRU Summit
  • Aug 27-Sep 1: Voting via digital ballot
  • By Sep 8: Results posted to TRU Website