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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 12/11/23


  1. Roll Call
  1. McPhail
  2. Dale
  3. Norton
  4. Wegman 
  5. Norton
  6. Hughes
  7. Robinson
  8. Hunter
  9. Ozzie
  10. Horn
  11. Hughes
  12. Curl
    1. Regrets
      1. Kurylas
      2. Fil (vacant)
      3. Young
  1. Club Standing
  1. McPhail: No new updates. 


  1. Compliance Checks
  1. Google compliance doc / link:
    1. https://texasrugbyunion.com/club-compliance/
    2. Most of the clubs continue to look good.  Update to the report has been requested.
    3. Information noted below (b) is based on available data and is likely stale but is shown for informational purposes and as a reminder as applicable.
  2. Clubs that need further inquiries regarding # of players / Certified Coach / TRU paid club fee
    1. Bay Area Women = 11 players / Paid
    2. Celina Rugby = 0 players / No Coach / Not Paid
    3. Collin County Copperheads = 9 players / No Coach / Paid
    4. Galveston = 12 players / Paid
    5. HEB Hurricanes = Sevens Only
    6. Houston Chupacabras – 0 players / Not Paid
    7. OKC Women = 4 players / No Coach / Not Paid
    8. OKC Tribe = 10 players / Not Paid
    9. Others: Other Rugby / Kingwood / West Houston 
  3. YTD 2022 registrations 1572 vs YTD 2023 1428 (90.8%). Update has been asked as of last month’s meeting from the RRRC / TRU admin. 
  4. McPhail: Any updates from the Reps?
    1. Mens Reps – nothing material to report.
    2. Womens Reps – nothing material to report other than WD1 nearing final changes.


  1. RRRC Competition Vote regarding D3 & D4 South (recap only):
  1. McPhail: Last month’s summary: West Houston will not be competing in D3 South this season. This change was communicated to the impacted Clubs by Jeff Wegman, Travis Hughes and John Kurylas. The voting Clubs voted 6-1 to “effectively” leave the schedule as is. This information was shared with the group in the Vote email. The votes of the representatives that I did receive was 5-1 to leave as is” which was effectively in support of the Club’s overwhelming vote. We need to finalize this vote. Approved by affirmation.


  1. 2023-24 Season
  1. McPhail: League matches have begun! Reminder to all teams to continue to regularly check / confirm Who’s The Ref to ensure that their schedule matches up, pitch address is completed and correct, and follow the Referee protocols as it relates to contacting the opposition and scheduled referee per policy
  2. Reminder: Times in RX and WTR are placeholders only. Teams required to read, verify and confirm. This includes marking Players, Reserves, and Front Row eligible players. 
  3. Reminder: Post match rosters, including subs and scores should be uploaded “live” on game day, and finalized per policy. If teams are unable to complete “live” all post match data entry should be completed ASAP or will be subject to published fines.
  4. Discussion about marking Front Row Eligible players. View sub requirements here- https://www.world.rugby/the-game/laws/law/3/
    1. Teams need to be marking FR eligible players in RX. Teams will be reminded for one month (through 1/15/2024). 
    2. Paper front row waivers and player rosters- Still part of game day procedures. McPhail will contact Jamie McGregor for an answer about current match day rosters and FR waiver.


  1. Outstanding matches per RX and summary of RRRC email from Hansel.  Many of the below are friendlies and have not been recorded.  League matches must be recorded per guidelines and includes front row, subs, Y/R cards, scores, etc.
    1. Dallas vs Sabercats 2 – Friendly (12/9)
    2. DARC vs Fort Worth – D2 League (12/9)
    3. Alliance vs Gryphons – Friendly (12/2)
    4. OKC vs Dallas III – Friendly (12/2)
    5. Dallas W vs Sharc’s II – WD2 (11/18)
    6. Five Matches from weekend of Nov-18th 
    7. Two Matches from Nov-4th
    8. One Match from Oct-28th


  1. Red Cards
    1. Bay Area.  Red Card notice was sent out but issues remain on with the distribution list.  Working with DC Scot Courtney and Admins to resolve.  Wegman (Bay Area) is in touch with Courtney.
    2. Dallas vs Sabercats 2 – Name not given. Need to confirm with TRRA / Ozzie.
  1. Summary of previously approved multi-side policy. Approved by unanimous affirmation.  (Recap Only)


Multi-side Roster Movement – RRRC specific

Movement of players between Lower Divisions and Upper Divisions of the same Club is allowed except where specifically prohibited.

Players who play as starters in Upper Division Qualifying Matches may not play in Lower Division Qualifying Matches played on the same weekend.

From 2019‐20 Elig. Rule 3.5(b) on substitutions between Lower and Upper Division sides 

Players who play in a Lower Division Qualifying Match may play in Upper Division Qualifying Matches played on the same weekend during the Regular League Season only when the Lower Division Qualifying Match is played before the Upper Division Qualifying Match, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Up to three (3) players who played in a Lower Division Qualifying Match may be listed as RESERVE PLAYERS for the Upper Division Qualifying Match(es); or
  • Up to four (4) players who played in a Lower Division Qualifying Match may be listed as RESERVE PLAYERS for the Upper Division Qualifying Match(es), if at least one of those players is a front row specialist.


  1. Schedule loading into RX and WTR
  1. McPhail: All matches that were to be loaded as part of the master schedule have been. All changes or prior errors need to be managed via the Match Change form (website).  Hansel will typically update RX and Ozzie is monitoring / managing WTR.
  2. Norton: Does the match change form automatically go to both Hansel and Ozzie? How are we ensuring RX and WTR are in sync?
  3. McPhail/Ozzie: Yes. Notice goes to both and is typically reviewed every 2-3 days for updates.


  1. Update XVs Competitions tab on TRU website:
  1. McPhail: All, please review your respective Divisions for accuracy and send updates to Wendy for posting ASAP.
  2. MD1: Scheduled for May 4th, same dates as GCSR in Austin. Need to be included as part of that schedule.  Otherwise it may be difficult to pull TRRA resources away from GCSR to a different location.  Request MD1 to confirm location of this match to be at GCSR or at higher seed? (TBC Norton / Dale).
  3. MD2: Last call there was a request to Hanlon and Horn to update the TRU comps page as the structure is outdated and needs updating based on the current approved format. Completion date? Link to Statement
  4. WD1: Women’s clubs will engage in home and away fixtures ensuring they meet their minimum match requirements by competing against similar opponents nationwide.  
  5. WD2: Looks to have been updated.


  1. D1 Rebranding
  1. McPhail: As previously discussed the branding was discussed on last month’s call and the first weekend has been posted to FB / Instagram.  Michael Norton continues to lead the group and a call was held yesterday (Dec-10th) to discuss challenges from the last match and continue to move the branding forward. This includes growing “followers” and ensuring branding is updated on TRU website. 
  1. McPhail: Link to D1 Premiership logo above for RRRC and TRU. 
  2. Norton: I sent Wendy and Hansel an email to post RRRP announcement to TRU website and share on social media.
  3. Hansel: That’s Wendy’s wheelhouse.


  1. Championship / Fifteens Events:



  •  RRRC / TRU Championships: April 20-21, 2024
  1. McPhail: Houston Sabercats
  • Gulf Coast Super Regional: May 4-5, 2024
  1. McPhail: Austin Blacks
  • USAR Senior Club Council: 
  1. McPhail: USAR SCC will be formally notified of the date and location this week.  TRU notice was delayed to allow focus of member engagement on Mary Graham All Stars but is now published on social media and websites. USA Championships on May 17-19, 2024.


  1. RRRC Championships and TOLA Sevens:
  1. McPhail: Austin Bloodfest 6/15 and Choctaw OK 6/29 bids were confirmed. Third location is still to be confirmed, likely Houston on July 13th or July 20th. USA Club Sevens on August 10-11, 2024.
  2. See “15” below for discussion regarding replacing Fil as Sevens Director.


  1. TRRA:
  1. McPhail: There was an interesting issue that arose from the D2 opening match in Houston between HURT and HARC in connection with use of Subs at the end of the match when all subs had been used. I have asked Ozzie for his input on this and he has agreed to provide some written guidance and has also offered to provide an online Q&A for those that are interested. Timing to be announced but should be in the next week or two (prior to Xmas) if possible.
  2. Ozzie: Will share a chart and host an online opportunity to understand substitution laws. Audience will be TRU Club admin. 


  1. Mary Graham All Stars, Dec 2-3, Austin, TX
  1. Young: See FB posts.
  2. Results:
    1. Recap: https://texasrugbyunion.com/2023/12/07/a-recap-of-the-2023-mary-graham-all-stars-and-gearing-up-for-2024/#more-20658
    2. 2023 Cup Champion – Midwest Green 59 vs TRU Toast. TRU Toast beat Capital 19-18 in round one.
    3. 2023 Plate Final – Midwest White 13 vs Southwest 0. TRU Jam finished 8th; losing both matches.
    4. 2024 event will be held on the weekend of Dec 7-8th.


  1. USA Sevens Regulations for 2023-24


  1. RRRC Sevens Director
  1. McPhail: I spoke with two individuals that have previously expressed interest. 
  2. Only one of them has expressed interest to take on a leadership role for the upcoming season being Arnal Prasad of San Antonio. Arnal’s Rugby CV was shared with RRRC during Conf Call.


  1. New Business:
  1. Travis: We’d talked about requiring all D2 clubs to have a second side. Discussion on requirements to be in D1/D2/D3 in conjunction with Promotion & Relegation Policy.
    1. D2 A/B- Historical aspect to having D2 sides have a B side. The idea is to raise the standard of D2. The discussion happened with D2 clubs prior to 23-24 and had a 9-1 vote in favor of moving towards the D2 requirement of having a second side for 2024-25 season. 
  2. Corpus Christi – Non played forfeit away match against Old Skool. Need to discuss return match / sanctions?
    1. Travis will communicate with CC and give a recommendation to RRRC. 
    2. Could be an ongoing issue with CC this season and will be communicating with them. 
  3. Request from D1 Men’s clubs to have 2024 Referee Guidelines published and have TRRA match officials attend local training to work on technical guidance & interpretations for this season.
    1. 2024 Game Management Guidelines were shared by USAR earlier in the year 
    2. Kat Roche has been posting her webinars to youtube- teams can go check them out. Get them on Kat’s youtube page- https://www.youtube.com/@katroche282
  4. Houston Sabercats & Dallas RFC – schedule change / conflict discussion (exec session).
    1. John Dale to lead a committee on decision as a nonvoting facilitator. Gordon, Blake, KC as voting members. 
  5. Atlantis USA Sevens – Congrats to Nick Argy (Sabercats 2) & Dan Whetzel (HURT).  Both played key roles in the success of Atlantis at the Grenada World Sevens Tournament.  Nick was a member of the men’s side that won the championship and Dan was an assistant coach / manager for the women’s team that finished second.
  6. New Club Admin site shared with club admins. Please let Hansel know any updates. 
  7. Norton: Approved competitive matches count towards national pathway eligibility. The Blacks have two matches that have been approved. This is to cover for our lesser match count this season. How do we track player eligibility in RX? How about we create a copy of “TRU Friendly” comp called “TRU Approved Competitive” or similar to classify matches?
    1. Hansel will contact USA Rugby to see how to track this in RX. 
    2. Gordon: Does this count towards the RRRC Championship as well? 
    3. McPhail and Norton have discussed the document and raised a couple of items for further clarification to USA Eligibility Chair for confirmation.  Once USAR Eligibility responds, a “summary” of the highlights will be shared / posted and added to next month’s agenda for full RRRC discussion.
  8. Adjournment.