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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 11/13/23

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
  1. McPhail
  2. Kurylas
  3. Dale
  4. Hanson
  5. Wegman
  6. Norton
  7. Hughes
  8. Robinson
    1. Regrets
      1. Young
      2. Hunter
      3. Blake 
      4. Gordon
      5. Fil
      6. KC
  1. Club Standing
  1. McPhail:  No new updates – all clubs in compliance with respect to outstanding fines as discussed in OCT meeting.
  1. Compliance Checks
  1. Google compliance doc / link:
    1. https://texasrugbyunion.com/club-compliance/
    2. Most of the clubs looking good but with a few standouts. Clubs will be contacted prior to their first cup match regarding non-compliance. 
  2. McPhail: Most of the listed Mens sides are in compliance.  There is a notable exception or two that have been addressed with the D2 reps over the weekend.  Gordon has reached out to respective clubs.
  3. McPhail: Women’s clubs are farther behind in the process.  Asking the Women’s RRRC reps to divide up the list of names and send a friendly reminder of the missing items.
  4. McPhail: Asking John K (at large) to contact the D4 clubs, namely in the teams in the North region as they are likely in need of a start of the year reminder.
  5. McPhail: Wendy / Hansel – discuss registration trend?  We are behind each of the last two years.  Thoughts?
  1. RRRC Competition Vote regarding D3 & D4 South
  1. McPhail: I sent a vote out on Wednesday Nov-1st with a ~48 hour response turn time. 
  2. McPhail: Initial responses were underwhelming.  Less than half the members responded.  I made some calls and sent an email out to the non-responders personal email accounts.  Half of those people responded that they didn’t get the original Group distribution and the other half still have not responded.  It is imperative that we are able to function as a group in a timely manner.  Being the first vote for this new cycle, this is not a precedent that we need to repeat.  If you have issues / concerns please contact me directly asap.
  3. McPhail: In summary, West Houston will not be competing in D3 South this season.  This change was communicated to the impacted Clubs by Jeff Wegman, Travis Hughes and John Kurylas.  The voting Clubs voted 6-1 to “effectively” league the schedule as is.  This information was shared with the group in the Vote email.  The votes of the representatives that I did receive was 5-1 to leave as is” which was effectively in support of the Club’s overwhelming vote.  We need to finalize this vote.
  4. McPhail: Jeff – anything you want to add before we move to a final vote?
  5. Norton: I motion to vote
  6. Wegman: 2nd
  7. McPhail: All in favor. Approved by affirmation 
  8. Wegman: Will work with Hansel to get this in
  1. 2023-24 Season
  1. McPhail: Reminder to all teams to continue to regularly check / confirm Who’s The Ref to ensure that there schedule matches up, pitch address is completed and correct, and follow the Referee protocols as it relates to contacting the opposition and scheduled referee per policy
  2. Hansel: Times in RX and WTR are placeholders. Teams submit change forms are negotiating kick off times
  3. McPhail: Farmer’s Almanac forecasts a cold and wet winter; so be sure to know the policies above and as well as weather policies if / when the weather becomes a material consideration. https://texasfarmbureau.org/farmers-almanac-forecasts-cold-stormy-texas-winter/
  4. McPhail: RX – Teams need to be making sure that they start working on RX with their friendlies to ensure that Match Rosters are getting loaded by deadline, subs and scores uploaded “live” on game day, and are finalized per policy.  There will be a grace period but it will be much shorter than last year.
  5. McPhail: Wendy / Hansel – Update on Tables and iFrame issues?
  6. Hansel: I don’t update website. Not in my skillset
  7. McPhail: Multi-side Eligibility –  As detailed in the Sept and Oct minutes there was a discussion about changing player movement policy.  Deadline for a “position paper” was stated on the last call.  Deadline came and went with no follow.  Proposal is considered closed for discussion.
  8. McPhail: Recommend that group approve M Norton’s original request to affirm (by proclamation) the old policy.
  9. Norton: Here is the current regulation we’ve been following. 

Multi-side Roster Movement – RRRC specific

Movement of players between Lower Divisions and Upper Divisions of the same Club is allowed except where specifically prohibited.

Players who play as starters in Upper Division Qualifying Matches may not play in Lower Division Qualifying Matches played on the same weekend.

From 2019‐20 Elig. Rule 3.5(b) on substitutions between Lower and Upper Division sides 

Players who play in a Lower Division Qualifying Match may play in Upper Division Qualifying Matches played on the same weekend during the Regular League Season only when the Lower Division Qualifying Match is played before the Upper Division Qualifying Match, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Up to three (3) players who played in a Lower Division Qualifying Match may be listed as RESERVE PLAYERS for the Upper Division Qualifying Match(es); or
  • Up to four (4) players who played in a Lower Division Qualifying Match may be listed as RESERVE PLAYERS for the Upper Division Qualifying Match(es), if at least one of those players is a front row specialist.
  1. Norton: Motion to approve
  2. Dale: 2nd
  3. McPhail: Vote by affirmation. Approved. 
  1. Schedule loading into RX and WTR
  1. McPhail: Ozzie / Hansel – any updates since last call?
  2. Hansel: We figured out bulk upload and got it done. Still need those final Men’s D4 and Women’s matches loaded
  1. Update XVs Competitions tab on website
  1. D1 Rebranding
  1. McPhail: A second call was held yesterday, Nov-12th, as organized by Michael Norton.  
  1. McPhail: Link to D1 Premiership logo above for RRRC and TRU for review.  
  2. McPhail: Michael, please provide an update on last night’s call and the interest level of the D1 women.
  3. McPhail: The Rebrand was discussed on the OCT Board Meeting call.  Based on the above, I am going to ask that the Board affirm the rebrand so that the working group can continue to move forward.  Part of the agreement is that I will propose that there be a “start-up” stipend to support the hiring of a “branding manager” that would need to spend 4-8 hours per week on the technical side.  Costs are to be finalized but there is a proposed 50/50 split on the costs with the D1 Clubs sharing the half of the costs and TRU providing a matching grant for the other half.  The Clubs would be expected to self fund the project in year two if deemed a worthy venture next season.
  1. Gulf Coast update
  1. McPhail: Sent another message to Andrew King regarding GCSR and MGAS.  No response.
  2. Norton: Other Super Regionals include a MD4. Is this something we might consider?
  3. McPhail: Not sure how we do this yet
  4. Kurylas: If it is local to Texas they might be interested. I’ll chat with the D4 clubs
  1. Championship Event – Call for Hosts
  1. Summary of where we stand on bids

RRRC Championship XVs, RRRC 7s, TOLA 7s

Houston SaberCats

RRRC 7s, TOLA 7s

Houston Athletic Rugby Club

RRRC Championship XVs, Gulf Coast Super Regional XVs

Austin Blacks Rugby

RRRC 7s, TOLA 7s

Huns Rugby

RRRC Championship XVs

Dallas Rugby Football Club, Inc.

  1. McPhail: As a follow up to the list of Clubs that have put forth their name to Host, I asked Wendy to follow up with each of the teams as it relates to proposed budget and any other items that may not have been detailed in the initial submission.  We are gathering these and will be following up with each accordingly.
  2. Norton: Are we doing a sub committee to review?
  3. Kurylas: I’ll help
  4. McPhail: Travis put up his hand. Norton, please take sub committee chair as non-voting member
  5. Caitlin: I’ll help
  6. Norton: I’ll reach out to everyone and get something done by the end of week.
  1. TRRA
  1. McPhail: Per a discussion between Ozzie and Myself, the billing of Referee services will be occurring on a monthly basis versus end of Fall/Spring/Summer as had been done before.  This should help keep the referee group with adequate working capital all year long.  This should also make reconciliation more efficient for both parties.
  2. McPhail: Reminder to all Clubs that Tournaments, especially those that have entry fees charged, are NOT covered by the TRU.  “For Fee ” tournaments are between the Club and the TRRA.  The TRU is not party to the costs or billing. 
  1. USA Club Rugby requesting Hosts for 2024 & 25
  1. McPhail: USA is also requesting hosts for 2024 and 25. Deadline is November 10. We would love to continue having events in our region and we encourage our clubs to apply. I do know that Fil is working with the XVs Chair to have co-hosts for both events and then they flip years.
  1. Mary Graham All Stars, Dec 2-3, Austin, TX
  1. Young: Update on Tryouts and upcoming event?
  1. USA Sevens Regulations for 2023-24
  1. New Business
  1. McPhail: Question asked about the date of RRRC D1 Men’s Final.  Per schedule it looks to be set for May-4th, Round of 8.
  2. Dale: Correct
  3. McPhail: Womens RRRC D1 final date?  Currently set for May-4th.  Sharcs are on schedule for two weeks in a row leading up to this date (April 20 & 27th).  It was mentioned to be held at RRRC weekend.  The master schedule (and WTR?) need to be changed now? Later?
  4. Caitlin: Not finalized. Some clubs are still searching for more matches. Shouldn’t be too much longer
  5. Travis: We’d talked about requiring all D2 clubs to have a second side. If we’re going to do that, let’s bring it up.
  6. McPhail: Yes, let’s review that. I’ll add it to agenda for next call
  7. Other?